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Kansas Is Flatter Than a Pancake
, proven and explained scientifically.
         history, pictures, life cycles

Star Trek leads to Science and Astronautics
         Mae Jemison, LaVar Burton

Robert Sopolsky and Gilligan's Island
         A scientist inspired by Gilligan's Island

Video Games
         Science behind, during, after, through...

Time Measurement
         Measuring the world, and clocks and calendars

Advantages of Eating in Peace

Click it. I've had a real one.
This works the same way, but doesn't need to be dusted off.
Oh. I'm in New Mexico. Some people live without so much dust.


Oh wait... something else is different. These don't have the gravity problem that real-life dusty sets have. These have momentum without tiring. And you can only move one at a time--can't pull the two on the ends out at the same time. (I thought maybe on an iPad... but turns out if you're on an iPad the toy doesn't show at all.)

And another cool pendulum thing, kind of a cross between the physics of music, and the art made by wrapping stringing across a pattern of nails on a board. Trippy hippy stuff. (And physics pattern stuff.)



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