Fear of Chemicals

"I don't buy any chemicals anymore - use cider vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice and essential oils (in variations) for everything in the house"

That quote came from a person who loves the photo at right. There are chemicals she's never thought of involved in the biochemistry of calming or centering. Air is chemical. The original of that art was created on some surface using some media that was chemical (whether it was ink on paper or pixel code on a magnetic storage medium).

Cameron Grey, a prolific Australian artist, who will put his art on your phone covers, or you could get a tattoo. The tapestries on the site are really beautiful. He's a good artist, and I doubt that he's afraid of chemicals. The bio here is easier to read (it's not in a light grey font, I mean). http://parablev.deviantart.com

Corporations and other evils

In response to someone who was going on about Xylitol, and then defended her rant against corporations with "I follow my intuition"

Please, anyone, everyone, donít believe anything youíve only read once, especially in a forum like this, or on facebook. In all my life Iíve never seen as big a flood of falsehood and nonsense as Iíve seen in 2016 so far. The second worst was 2015. Next year should be worse.

BE CAREFUL what you get excited about or fearful of. Be thoughtful. Read a little. Try a little. Wait a while. Watch. Not just about unschooling.

You might be amused at the curses she hailed on me. I saved it at SandraDodd.com/readalittleother
Maybe not an unschooler. It was a comment following a link to an article on tampons not being as dangerous as some people claim.
People that are in good health might have the luxury of calming down about chemicals in everything, however people with chronic health conditions, such as autoimmune disease, have to be very careful about the chemicals they are exposed to. They can be more sensitive than the average person to toxins, and they can experience negative side effects to chemicals in small amounts, that the average person may be able to tolerate without a problem.

Chemophobia at rationalwiki.org has a beautiful graph about which foods do and do not have chemicals, and the page features this quote:

"There is no acceptable level of any chemical to ingest, ever."

(Go to the site for more details on chemistry and foods.)

James Kennedy

James Kennedy created images with the chemical make-up of various fruits. to enlarge, click and then click again

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People make money off chemophobia, so keeping it stirred up creates a market.
On the $$$ fuelling Chemophobia, from James Kennedy's section of chemophobia at his site.

This isn't about ingesting chemicals, but touching, working with borax, and about how one person's fright (plus the internet) can cause an uproar. Slime-making in 2017óbig deal, lots of kids involved...

Penn and Teller, on gullibility and "activism."

"I use no chemicals inside or outside the house." óMark Boyle [quoted by Dean Burnett in the Guardian article "Why rejecting the modern world is a privileged fantasy", 22 September 2017, in which the chemical claim was more minor than the paleo diet and alleged rejection of modern culture]

Clarity Fear Food ("The Full Plate Club")