Stages of Unschooling

Stages of Unschooling by Kelly Lovejoy

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For beginners, deschooling and "disposable checklists"—some ideas for transitioning into unschooling

Getting It

Several people's accounts of the aha!" moment:
Trusting your Children
Parenting a Free Child
One of "those" moments
The Discovery Moment
Realizing *one has a choice*
Huge Changes in Perspective
Why Rush People to GET IT?
After the Live and Learn conference...

Stages of Unschooling

The first stage is all the fear and uncertainty and angst.

Then comes deschooling and noticing how much of one's thoughts might be school-based and how easy it is for adults to belittle and discount children. That will take a year or so.

After school starts to recede it will be like the stars showing on a clear dark night in the country. They were always there, but you couldn’t see them for the glare of the sun or the city lights. So now you'll start to see that they're not all the same, and there are patterns, and a history, and there's science, mythology, art, and then the moon comes out! And then you hear coyotes and owls and water moving somewhere… what water?

It might be like that, or it might be exactly that. But until you stop doing what you were doing before, you will not see those stars.

After a few years of reveling in natural learning and the richness of the universe, if you or your children decide to take a class it will be an entirely different experience than you would have had when school loomed so large in your vision of the world.

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