People don't spank because they're conservative Christian; they spank because they haven't learned to manage their anger and frustration in a healthy manner. This is true of liberals, conservative, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, atheists, pagans and Christians.

There is no reason to spank a child; it will not make him obey you, but it will make him fear you. It will not make her respect you, but she will resent you.

There is NO situation or circumstance that supports spanking.

I'm Christian...Catholic (although some Christians have called me a paganistic idol worshipper ) by choice and belief, and I have never spanked my kids (dd-17, dd-13, ds-10, ds-6). If the day ever came when I felt I needed to spank my child, I would know that I had failed as a Christian and a parent.

That sounds harsh, but I was spanked as a child; I know how it feels, and the cycle will not repeat itself with me.

Had to get that out.


Originally appeared on the UnschoolingDiscussion list, January 23, 2003.

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