Roya Dedeaux

formerly Roya Sorooshian

In 2012, Roya Dedeaux has a master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. She and her husband and son live in Griffith Park in Los Angeles, where her husband is a park ranger. (They've had two more children, and have bought a house.)

Play with Purpose - from parenting to productivity

Photos by Roya at Just Add Light and Stir (or maybe a quote by, or mention of her)

Roya's account of the beginnings of her unschooling days is at the bottom of this page:

Chat with Pam Sorooshian

Pam told the story, and later I found Roya's account of those days, and brought it there.

Interviews by Pam Laricchia:

Growing Up Unschooling, with Roya Dedeaux, June 2016

Connect with Courage with Roya Dedeaux, July 2021

Roya Repeating Herself — listen to a presentation Roya gave in San Diego in 2009

9 ways to play with your kids
...even when you don't know how
That link leads to a four-page PDF with wonderful suggestions for playing with your children. It was a mailing from in July 2022.
( The offerings of services might have changed completely, if you read this very long after 2022, but the suggestions for play will still be good.)

Roya's thesis study for her Master's Degree in counselling can be read here:
An Exploratory Study on Mental Health and Attitude towards Psychotherapy among Grown Homeschoolers and Homeschooling Parents, Roya J. Dedeaux, May 2012

Roya's website with her professional services:
Therapy, groups, and games that help parents "Connect with Courage"

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