Someone wrote:
Please think about "have to": sandradodd.com/haveto
Part of her response was:
==I read the web page, and I'd like to argue for a minute that this rhetoric of choices is more a middle class reality, to quote===
Though I can't find the original, that much was quoted by three people in a discussion in 2010.

Having (claimed to have) read the page on "have to," someone referred to it as "this rhetoric of choices." Yikes.

People's responses can be found in this topic. It's long, but interesting. It's also irritating, because someone who didn't know enough yet to even ask questions was going on and ON and on.

on Always Learning, March 2010

"This rhetoric of choices" is a bit like "this quintessence of dust," lyrically. But Hamlet was rambling on like a depressed lunatic, and the person who wrote "rhetoric of choices" was trying to wiggle away from plain logic.

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