Movies that seemed very scary from the previews but weren't so scary


I don't like movie trailers much anymore, because they were just telling too much of the story, so I started trying to avoid them. Then I noticed that of those I was seeing, some were purposely NOT telling the whole story and were often telling a more sinister, violent story than the actual movie had. I suppose that's fine for getting people into the theater for something that will really give you lots to think about, instead of making you feel you'd been on a roller coaster in a thunder storm.

I still don't like to know in advance what a movie is going to be about, though, so you KNOW you can easily go to many places on the internet to get spoilers and read all about plot and audience response. If you don't like that either, here are some vague yet sincere recommendations.

The Village

I was afraid to watch it for a year, and finally rented it and planned a daytime viewing. That fear came from the trailer. There is value in the trailer, but if it keeps you from seeing the movie, that would be a shame.
One Hour Photo
I love Robin Williams which is why I watched the movie, but it's easy to forget it's Robin Williams, beause he is playing in every possible way opposite of the person he is, except for a kind of sweet sadness. This is not a horror show or a slasher movie.
Once Were Warriors
Don't get me wrong, this one is hard to watch and it's violent and there's blood. To judge from the trailer they showed in New Zealand, it's nothing BUT that, and that turns out to be the case. Living in New Mexico, I saw the NZ trailer after I watched the movie on DVD. I had already had some Kiwi Unschooling moms say they couldn't or wouldn't watch it, though. Having seen that trailer now I absolutely understand why. Still, I'm glad I saw it.

I don't think I would watch it with pre-teens. Anyone wanting more excellent vague advice can write to me at the address in the bottom notes below. There are certain sensitivities that might make it more difficult for some than others.

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