Museum Sickness (or something)

This can apply to reading websites, too, so don't follow too many unschooling links today.

Some of the museums [at the Smithsonian] have cafeterias and I liked the food. I love museums but I get museum sick, like I want to see and remember EVERYthing, but after a while it's overwhelming and I'd rather see french fries than the Magna Carta. I was very sad to get museum- sick at the Britsh museum. I think it's some function of my getting excited and then forgetting to breathe and of ALL the thoughts that go into why these things are here and whether it's good and moral and what a risk to have so much good stuff in one place, and I get woozy sometimes. Food and air help.

on Always Learning, February 2009

There is a fantastic picture of Linnaea that David took at the British Museum. We were in the Oriental wing of the museum, we'd been through a bunch of it, the Elgin Marble section, the Rosetta Stone, and she just was spent. She's lying over a bench, completely wiped out. I think the British Museum might be an easy place to wipe you out.


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