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"Magic" is the kind of thing that can be found in and combined with many different areas. Professional magicians are only one small aspect of what is magical in the world. There is magic to be found in

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Animators have done magic like this, but here's something that shows in still form. Click that image, and then the next... It's from a book called Zoom and the artist is Isvan Banyai. It's like powers of ten videos, which brings it to math, and astronomy, and microscopy, and The Simpsons.

Lyla wrote on Always Learning:
We just caught the 2008 magic awards on satellite TV, while we were on vacation, and my son was completely captivated (as was I!) I would love to hunt down 2007 (I don't know if it existed before then, no mention online) on dvd (youtube is poor quality and he really doesn't want to watch it that way) and I'd love 2008 as well, on dvd, as we missed the first half of it. By chance did any of the thousands on this list happen to record it and if so, would you be willing to send me a copy? I'd be willing to pay for time and shipping!
Joyce responded:
It's called the "World Magic Awards." It looks like it was broadcast on UHF stations so you should be able to catch it next year.

Google video shows the awards show going back to 2006. I see magicians claiming various awards going back further, but maybe it wasn't broadcast in the US.

Google videos of scenes from the shows

The quality on some might be a bit better than YouTube (though some just link to YouTube).

If you go to "My Network TV" (which is what the group of stations is called) you can sign up for their newsletter and they'll let you know when it's coming around again. Apparently they played the 2007 awards again last April.

World Magic Awards.

Since then, a good magic show was Penn & Teller's "Fool Us" series. I'll give the wikipedia link because it lists the challengers, and winners, and you can find them directly to see more.

YouTube is better now (2024) than it was when Lyle tried to watch a magic show years ago. That's where you can watch many excerpts of "Fool Us."

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