Powers of Ten

A Simpson's parody (opening credits) of the Powers of Ten video.

There are a couple of versions of "the real one"—an older thing (with which there were problems in atoms and space both, I think, because it was old, from the 70's, and conceived in the 60's). The newer one is here, and starts in Venice:

(a newer one with narration, starting in Venice) but the original (Charles and Ray Eames, 1977), that The Simpsons was doing more closely, is here, and it starts in Chicago.

and here's another, different one. The most fun thing about it is that it's in Catalan.

There more information and reference to some books about it here: http://chemeducator.org/bibs/0005003/530164gk.htm

Sandra Dodd, reporting after some webcrawling.

Magic or more Simpsons or math.