The Lizard of my Dreams

June 2005 ff.

I saw this lizard in the back yard June 6 and tried to catch it to take it to the big vacant lot behind us. It pretty much takes two people to catch a lizard; I failed.

That night I dreamed about it, and wrote to Holly by IM June 7:

A lizard was going to bite me with a round cartoon scary lizard mouth full of teeth.

There was really a lizard in the back yard yesterday and I tried to catch it to take it out in the vacant lot, but it was FAST, and ran into one of the railroad ties in the far back corner and hid behind some boards, and I just let him go.

But then I dreamed I had caught him and he got a little bigger (like I'd have to hold him with two hands) and he twisted around to bite me, so I dropped him. And instead of running away, he started to chase me to bite me.

I had told Marty the dream too, and in the dream the lizard's mouth was some scary kind of fantasy movie round mouth with sharp teeth, and he wanted to bite my ankle and I was having a hard time figuring out how to get away from him. I told Marty, "He wanted to kill me."

So today I saw him and went and got the camera, to send a photo to Holly:

I was walking really quietly and making sure not to cast a shadow near him. I walked in the shade until I got nearer, and figured any second he would run.

He didn't run, and he seemed too asleep.

I threw a little dirt at him, and that didn't bother him any, because sometime since yesterday he became lifeless. And so with apologies for making a webpage about a dead lizard, there it is.

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Here: These lizards are more alive than the one in the photos, who was SO fast yesterday:

June 19, 2005

Cockroaches have been eating him. I've seen them twice at night and didn't chase them off, because I wanted to see what would happen. After the first night, his ribs were picked clean on one side. That was cool. I hoped they'd turn him into a skeleton, but no... the next night they ate his back leg. Maybe ants and maybe microscopic bugs are helping out with this dismantling project; I just saw cockroaches.

And July 3, he looked like this: