Cate Stillman interview of Sandra Dodd, January 3, 2013
Unschooling and Yoga Philosophy – An Interview with Sandra Dodd
January 3, 2013

The interviewer wrote in her introduction: "I was repeatedly struck by how similar the ramblings on unschooling were to the cutting-edge teachings of Craig Hamilton’s Integral Enlightenment Academy for Evolutionaries course I was a year two student in."

Some of it is a little glitchy, and some is Very Clear. :-)
There's an intermission ("station identification"). :-)

I said "alive" once when I meant "awake," but I think the gist of the intent of the idea will still come through. You can correct it for me in your mind as you listen. :-)

Also I didn't think of the word "bursar" (about a college job I had) and said "treasurer."

You can listen at this site, or download it free there, or on iTunes.

Here's another of her pages, where there are comments (and you could leave one if you wanted to):

There might be a second interview to follow; if so I'll put that here, too.

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