Celtic and Norse knotwork links, ideas and information

This page was originally set up as an intro for a knotwork show-and tell-hosted by Keith and Holly Dodd, at the 2005/St. Louis installment of the Live and Learn Conference. The event is long gone, but this page remains, and I have and will add more things Keith's done, and maybe Holly too!

Keith carving in the garage, with an Xacto knife and little chisels
Keith closer, making a lid for the box you can see already stained on the table mid-photo...
...and the unfinished carving you couldn't see at left.

The Midgaard Serpent goes around the box.
Thor is fishing for him and hooked him, but the serpent just grew more heads.

Keith (Gunwaldt, when he's dressed that way!) holding the finished box, which is a gift and will be gone soon.
whole box
top, which slides in

Four sides of the Kingpiece of a Kub game (click to see much more):
This is part of a bed Gunwaldt made that belongs to Dubheasa now (click to enlarge)

Dragon heads for Viking a-frame. The eyes are knots in the wood. Front and back details are shown. Click to enlarge (and you can click there for further enlargement).

In June 2007, Keith did a workshop (as Gunwaldt Gulbjorn; an SCA workshop) on knotwork. Photos and notes are here. There are also photos of a knotwork spoon made by Will Heron, and Bardolf's shield (also shown below).

Here's some of Holly's knotwork, just done for fun, some of it unfinished. This is one of the first times she did any, when she was 11. (and one slightly-later knotwork-related scribble that's very cool)

Other stuff, not by Keith or Holly:

Bradley W. Schenck made that animated knot, and the one by the title of this page. I don't know him, but I found his very cool website here and it's part of a larger site,

Keith recommends this HUGE site Knots on the Web, which has links to all sorts of how-to, who-did, knot-tying history carving/drawing stuff:

and this one on computer generated knotwork, which has mathematical and programming details some might enjoy (and links to other things too):

from Andrew Birrell's page