How to make a simple HTML link

There is just a little bit of code to make a clickable link. It's only about fifteen keystrokes, and it's a good trick to know.

<a href=""> </a>
Within the quotation marks, put the full URL starting with http:// 2020 note: Probably https these days, but whatever the full link is.

and then between the bracket and the closing command, put either the same url (if you want it to look that way) or words, or a photo

It can go right in the middle of text like this: <a href="URL GOES HERE">the URL again, or other words, or an image </a> and more text in your post...

EXAMPLES, first with the code and then with what it looks like when it works:

With a URL: <a href=""></a> blah blah continued

With a URL: blah blah continued

With words: <a href="">Topics Blog</a> blah blah continued

With words: Topics Blog blah blah continued

With an image:
<a href=""><IMG SRC=""></a> blah blah continued

With an image: blah blah continued

2020 addition:

On Just Add Light and Stir, my links are the full URL within the code, and then a prettier, simpler-looking link as the clickable text, like:

<a href=""></a>
So it looks like this:, so people can read it and maybe remember it better.

The original was written in 2010. Updates and additions, 2020.