History in Songs

Some people learn songs easily, or enjoy analyzing lyrics, and here are some history-related or otherwise evocative-of-history songs.

Read/listen with your critical-thinking cap on; don't take every word to the bank:

Battle of New Orleans

Songfacts.com notes

We Didn't Start the Fire

2022 update:
In 2021, a podcast was started to discuss each person, place or thing mentioned in the song. We Didn't Start the Fire Podcast, available on many platforms, and they're about halfway through their planned 118 or 120 episodes, on the day I'm adding it to this page.

PHOTOS to accompany the song, a very cool presentation by Ye Li at Caltech, with humor and a "pause" function
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Wikipedia's report with lyrics (in time-line fashion—the blue words are the lyrics), summaries and links

American Pie

Notes at Songfacts.com

Parody by Weird Al:

Abraham, Martin & John


Wikipedia's documentation and commentary

Notes at Songfacts.com

Pinky and the Brain: A Meticulous Analysis of History

Video and annotated lyrics, with links