Sandra Adams or Sandra Gill, former teacher, notes:

This is being written in 2001, of the years 1974-1980, and the reason I'm writing it is that sometimes I think of my former students (sometimes individually, sometimes collectively) and I thought just maybe some of them might try to find me. So here's a link.

If people are looking for
Sandra Lynn Adams
Sandra Adams of Espanola, New Mexico
Sandra Adams Gill
Sandra Gill who was married to James (Jimbo) Gill in the 1970's, who taught English at Espanola Junior High in those days, here I am.

For many years now my name has been Sandra Dodd. I have three children, and I'm living in Albuquerque. (2009 note: Those children are 17, 20 and 22.)

There are links below to what I'm doing now, which is being an unschooling philosophical activist (I don't do political except indirectly) and I'm still doing S.C.A. (Status change there, but still in contact with and helping many people who are going to events.)

If anyone finds this who knows who or where my former students are, please pass it on. I seriously considered taking an ad in the Rio Grande Sun about this, and maybe I should, along with the obituary anniversary notices and such.

I need to say to the six years' worth of reading and English students who were in my class:


I'm sorry for the times I was inexperienced and impatient and young and lacked the ability to give you whatever it was you needed at the time. Sometimes there was a glimmer of goodness, but overall I'm unhappy with my performance in those years. My own life (as some of you knew personally) was a mess, with my mom's alcoholism, the baby half-brother, the recent death of Helen Gill who was posthumously my mother-in-law, the unhappiness of Andy and Ruth. I was trying my best to spread happiness and stability, but there are absolutely things I would do differently now.

Below are links to more info and to e-mail.

Thanks for reading, and I hope your lives were not permanently marred by my youthful ignorance. (And sometimes, I think, maybe there are some cool memories you kept of that time. I have lots of good memories, but some lumps of guilt involving being too strict, lacking compassion, forgetting things, and that infernal evil: grading. Yuck.)

Be well!


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