This page was created in 2006, so I hope you will appreciate advances in online gaming, and feel gratitude and abundance for not living in 2006 anymore!

Online Games

Usually when people speak of "computer games" they're talking about a disk to be inserted, or a game that can be downloaded. You can find those with google search or by asking kids a few years older than your own. For this page, I wanted things that can be played online and free. It's not a great list, or a full list, but I'll try to have a few interesting things here that people can play with. You can likely find much better things and I hope you will! Just have fun. —Sandra Dodd

patterns of color and sound

Free Classic Arcade Games of the 80's
Some are played online, some are for downloading. There are lots!
Some of the downloadables need to work from the DOS prompt level of a PC (so won't work on Mac's).

Neopets is an online "world" consisting of games within games.


Thy Dungeonman! Thy Hunger!" (and the e-mail in which it was introduced)

Dungeonman 3 ("Thy Graphics!")

More games, not all parody, but all lame in a very fun way.


Cloud is a free download for PCs, not for Mac yet. It was a project for a university in China. Mac users can watch this

Flow can be played online, or downloaded to a PC or a Mac. The sound and music are very soothing. It's like being in liquid, and your little creature grows. You pull him along with the mouse, and can speed him up with the left button. Put the cursor way in front of where you want him to be for better control. The page says "Flow in Games: a Jenova Chen MFA Thesis"




Towers of Hanoi

BreakOut (son of Pong)

Checkers / Draughts

Video Games

Games and Unschooling

Art Games and ideas

Music Games and ideas

Write if you have suggestions.