OVER AND DONE, but there is a blog with photos documenting some of the fun we had!

Read what's below, but a schedule with times, maps and links is here: festival/maps

Monkey Platter Festival

November 10-12, 2009       Albuquerque, New Mexico

In November we're having guests from India—Ravi and Hema Bharadwaj and their children Raghu and Zoya. I promised to invite some other unschoolers with young children over, and now it's turning into a three day opportunity to meet other unschoolers. Because the January symposium isn't really geared toward beginning families or younger kids, this is a partner-plan.

Those days are in the middle of the week, so those families in which one of the parents is a chef or musician or other weekend-job guy might take note!
SCHEDULE (current as of October 26):
Tuesday, November 10, my house:
Monkey Platters at my house. The tent in the yard plan is waning. We'll probably have the food in the front room nearer the kitchen and nearer the Lego and Rock Band and My Little Ponies.

Indian cooking demonstration by Hema Bharadwaj, in my kitchen and maybe some in the yard.

There is a park with a playground very near my house. There is a bike path that goes by the park and that could be used for skateboards, scooters, roller blades, or an easy hike toward mountains (for those who don't live near mountains).

Keith and Marty are going to assist anyone who wants to use a sword to cut a plastic milk bottle (full of water) in half. That will be in our front yard in the afternoon.

Between my house and the park is Sandia Bowl, a venerable bowling alley. Tuesday afternoons are a $5 flat fee per bowler, to bowl until you're tired of it or it's someone else's turn. They have a digital jukebox, Galaga, Ms. PacMan and pinball too (though those would cost more, but if you want noise and overstimulation, that's your place)!

There is an Albertson's grocery store a few hundred feet the other direction, for those who might want to purchase contributions to the monkey platters.

Wednesday, November 11, Explora
Explora! Science Center, in Old Town

Explora fee schedule is here, but check your own museum membership cards to see if you have a card that will cover it! There is a park across the street, and the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science across the street another direction. Old Town (the 18th and 19th century parts of Albuquerque) is just past the park, as is the Albuquerque Museum (history and art).

Please don't over-tax your children. Plan for rest breaks!

NEW: Wednesday night:
Note from Beth Fuller:
We are adding the opportunity for everyone to join us for swimming at the West Mesa public swimming pool on Wednesday night between 6-8pm. This public pool has two separate areas, one with a shallow pool with play area and water slide and another with an Olympic size pool and diving boards. There is an admissions fee but it is minimal. Here is the information:
Thursday, November 12 CHANGES, all changes:

The whole Radisson Hotel plan is undone, which is less expensive for everyone.


On Friday afternoon we will meet on the lawn near the polar bear exhibit at 1:00 , with monkey platter food! That's the very zoo where we first saw the monkeys eating their cubed-up fruit and vegetables years ago.

We'll stay at the zoo from 1:00 to 5:00. At some point Beth Fuller and I will tell stories and answer questions, discussing what Hema wants us to discuss, mostly!

Sandra Speaking Young Children Monkey Platters