Schedule and Maps, Monkey Platter Festival
November 10-12, 2009

Come to as much or as little of this as you wish. If you could bring food or drinks for the lunch each day, that would be helpful. Bring something your children like, and some extra, and it will work out.

The weather is unpredictable in New Mexico. Bring swim suits and towels and winter clothes.



map or webpage with directions

Park in some parking lot in back
and use the back gate
if the front is full.

9:30 to 10:00 gather at the Dodds' house, 2905 Tahiti Ct. NE (not Tahiti St., but in the cul-de-sac).

10:00 or 10:30, when she wants to, Hema will begin an Indian cooking demonstration.

Elsewhere in the house there will be places for children to play and things for them to play with.

Monkey platter food will be out all day. There is a park nearby, and I'll make kid-style maps to it. In the afternoon, in our front yard, Keith and Marty will help people cut water with swords (plastic milk gallons full of water). There's a bowling alley out the back gate with a $5 Tuesday afternoon special. There's a burrito place across Juan Tabo (the main street west of us) called Twister's. There might be a new Italian drive-through place called "Fastino's" open right behind the house by then. There's an Albertson's grocery store a couple of hundred yards away.

5:00 or so we'll disperse.


   and Tiguex Park

map or website

10:00 or so go to Explora. The gathering and check-in place will be at "the paradox cafe" (which isn't really a cafe at all) at the top of the stairs.

Between noon and 12:30, we'll set our monkey platter food up near the climbing equipment in the SW corner of Tiguex Park, across from Explora. People can go back to the museum or not, as the children's moods allow. A walk over to the plaza in Old Town might be fun, and anyone wanting fun kid souvenirs should go to The Covered Wagon, on the SW of the plaza, or maybe get something at the gift shop at Explora.

At some point kids will be tired of Explora and you can wander off for naps and dinner until...


map or website


West Mesa Aquatic Center ("the pool"), 6:00 to 8:00


Unscheduled morning! Sleep in, maybe!


map or website

Go to the zoo in time to meet at 1:00 near the polar bears (on the polar-bear end of the big grassy area). If the weather is cold, we might have an indoor site instead. Beth and I will tell some stories and answer questions. There are a few families new to unschooling, and if you still have questions by Thursday, that would be a good time for them with lots of people to help you!
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