Negative opinions changed to positive

More and more I am beginning to understand what you say about the power of our words, the semantics of them, and what they reveal about our thoughts deep down. I used to think long ago this was a bit nitpicky, but really can see what you mean when I really stop and think about it.
more of that, in context

I read your reply and at first it angered me. Of course, I don't "prefer" to think of him as just a child with autism. I think of him as my sweet and wonderfully talented little boy. Since you all don't know him, I felt the diagnosis was a valid part of what I was saying. His name is Providence. He is 7, and has always been at home, never schooled.

After I got over the irritated feeling of having been "criticized" for what I saw as helping and supporting my child, I thought maybe I should read your links. It was a good call :) *

I went to my first unschooling conference. Sandra was going to be there, and to be honest, I was a bit frightened that she would discover I restricted my children's sugar and t.v. content and publicly ridicule me. I have a big imagination.

To my surprise, Sandra's talk touched me the deepest and inspired me the most. If Sandra hadn't been at that conference, I know I would not have left *inspired*

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It wasn't until I got the internet and read the stuff that Sandra and others said, that I finally got to really understand unschooling. I really didn't like Sandra for a while because she says things so plainly and clearly and reasonably and logically I was unable to wriggle out of understanding, and that was uncomfortable. I'm so glad she's like that - my life and my kids live are so much better for it.

Needless to say, I really like and admire her now.

Cally Brown on facebook 12/6/13

I must admit, I came to your site out of curiosity after reading some negative stuff on another forum. I wanted to "see for myself" who this woman was, who was only talked about in hushed tones (almost like Harry Potter's Voldemort). After reading some UnschoolingDiscussion archives on yahoo, your site, and some you link to, all I have to say is
                                    KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!
I was reading all this with rapt attention and have been inspired by alot of it.
Frank Maier:
"I opined to Ronnie that it seemed to me that that Sandra Dodd person was pretty blunt and maybe newbies would be put off by her style…."
(and how he changed his mind, here:

Thoughts on Changing How Unschooling Changes People Learning to See Differently