Fads and labels come and go

My response to someone assuring me that PDA was real and not a fad, follows this quote:
-=- I'm continuing to engage in this discussion because I think you will see more and more people talking about PDA as unschooling is essentially the recommended path.-=-
I saw more and more people talking about ADHD, and now it's rarely mentioned. (I used to tell them to take it somewhere else.)

I saw more and more people talk about "curing" their children's behavioral problems by restricting their diets. That has calmed down (or gone elsewhere).

I saw more and more people talk about Asperger's, and now that's been renamed and lost what odd charm it was having for some people.

I saw a few mothers desperately claiming their children were "Indigos." That's calmed down.

"PDA" might get bigger but I will ask people to drop it or take it elsewhere.

original, on Radical Unschooling Info on Facebook

A response to this writing, below, at that link:
Brie Jontry:
When I read the list of traits for PDA I immediately thought about ADHD and how it pathologized normal childhood behavior *in reaction to* settings and situations that are totally inappropriate and uncomfortable for most human children. aka: school

As I created this page, in late 2021, I could no longer remember what PDA had stood for, in December 2016.

The year after that, in 2017, another fad hit unschooling and caused a rift, just in time for Covid 19 to put a stunning spell on everybody. Notes on that are here (SandraDodd.com/fads), but if your own job or family requires you to be supportive of any and every claim of "trans," don't go there; you'll be unhappy.

I looked it up so others won't need to. PDA refers to "Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome." (I looked it up in the same thead linked above, which is interesting to read, if you're bored and curious.)

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