Eyewitness to Unschooling

Sandra Dodd and Pam Sorooshian

Live and Learn Unschooling Conference
Columbia, South Carolina
August 22-24, 2003

It can seem that your own family's unschooling might be a lucky fluke, until you see it working in another family. Pam and Sandra have known each other (and kids and husbands) since 1996. Each will tell tales of the other's kids at various stages and ages from five to eighteen years old, having seen them in many different places and situations over the years.

Photos and the program's longer description will be added someday, and perhaps a transcript.

Intro in 2022: All these children are grown now, and 2/3 of them have children of their own. Some of those next-generation children are unschooled. Most of those now-adults have university degrees, and houses, but we didn't know, in 2003, what was to come along.

Eyewitness to Unschooling

I am grateful to Qays Muhammad Lila, an unschooled teen in Ontario, for creating one clean sound file of what were originally two sides of a cassette tape.

Kelly Lovejoy, the conference organizer, allowed me to provide free access to recordings that once were for sale.

Marty Dodd was 14 in the recording above; he is nearly 20 years older, as it is being uploaded to my site in April 2022.

In an interview with Pam Laricchia (June 2017), I told the story of opening the drapes at the Long Beach conference. it should start right at the beginning of that story, but in case it doesn't, listen from 11:57 to 13:53 on this this recording (no video there).
Ten Questions with Sandra Dodd

In 2007, I was interviewed (by a group, by text), and wrote:
People who have met my kids never say another negative thing about unschooling. It’s kind of amazing.

When I figured that out, as my kids got older, I started trying always to take one of them with me to any conference where I spoke. Because my words might be fun and inspiring, but they’re no “proof.” But when a nervous parent spends any time talking with Kirby or Marty or Holly, their fears dissolve.
that original chat/interview is here
My kids were 15, 18 and 20.

Sandra Dodd Speaking More of Pam Sorooshian Nest