Follow-up, Links, for sessions in England in 2016
Follow-up, Links, for sessions in England in 2016

Thanks to those who gathered in Stroud, Leeds, Brighton and Long Ditton. I hope friendships were formed or strenghtened and that ideas linger and take root.

There was a question in Leeds that I "answered wrong," because I didn't know the details, but #1, Dawn offered to clarify to the person who had asked (it was anonymous to me, but Dawn knew the author), and #2, another family benefitted from the "wrong answer," so it turned out well.

Thank you to those who organized small and large discussions: Clare Kirkpatrick, Dawn Todd, Joanne Corner ("JoKirby"); Janine Davies and Julie Daniel (and their lovely assistants Karl, James, Rippy, Graham, Marta... and Polly for registration table / information / book sales table, and , Parvine for facilitating travel and connections.)

If anyone has questions for me, or things I should add here, write to me:

"A Day with Sandra Dodd"
September 18, 2016

Knowledge and Belief
Moving from hope to confidence
Ideas, theories and convictions
Real Learning, for the quote about the billion-piece puzzle

"Your own certain knowledge"

Beware believing what you read. A summary of what can/does cause cancer, and what cures/prevents cancer:
This Chart Shows Why You Shouldn't Trust Just One Scientific Study (Thanks to Julie Daniel; nice chart; eat what you want to eat.)

If you can get to Janine Davies' page on facebook, she wrote something effusive, and has uploaded 20 photos: "We did it!"

Being Better
Getting out of your own way

Better (Make the Better Choice)

Gradual Change
Do it!

Long-term Effects

As soon as I got back to the hotel, I fell asleep for a long, long time. When I woke up, this had come, from a mom in India. It contains a link to a page I had mentioned:
Dear Sandra,

I was just now reading this article by you on humility* and the wisdom that shone through resonated so deep and loud, I instinctively felt like sharing with you how much your writings/thoughts mean to me as a mother on my unschooling journey.

I regularly keep browsing and reading pages from your website and always find an answer to my thoughts and queries and introspection.


Thank you for all that you do :-)

I didn't finish my second "big graph" about dads! Got off on a tangent. Often the dads' progress at understanding stays low, flat, until one day (or week, but pretty quickly), for some reason, he gets it, and then it shoots straight up and passes the mom's understanding, so that in some families there's a while when the dad is reminding the mom of her intentions and principles, and that helps the mom catch up to the dad.

Those are the best, when the dad passes the mom for a while. (Reverse terms if the dad discovered unschooling and is with the kids more.)

I made a Just Add Light and Stir post with the closing from the third talk, with a photo I took in Staines, part of a series of how to get from the hotel to a certain restaurant.
Be more
I closed a talk recently with this:

Be brave, be calm, be happy.

Be braver, be calmer, be happier.

The first line was written on my paper. The second one, I added just then.
photo by Sandra Dodd

Other follow-up pages from UK events:

2009, at "The Music Room" in London 2011 Edinburgh

2011, Dragon Hall, London (Julie's first of three "Learning Trust—Trusting Learning" conferences) (newly spruced up; listen free, at the link there, and look at the pictures!)

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(Maybe not all of them, but some of them.)