We call ours a "rat plate."
Sally Lopez, March 2009:

This was lunch for Will (3 yrs), who was busy playing games online, and for Elias (18 mos), who was napping while I was preparing it all, otherwise it probably wouldn't have stayed together long enough to snap a picture. I had a Mexican tablecloth and napkins out already, so I made some snacks with Mexican flavor to look pretty with them. The sunshine-y plate is mango, grapes, chipotle ham, and queso fresco (Mexican cheese). The other is sliced cucumber and tomato, and the little cup is a salt/chile seasoning called Tajín, for sprinkling on fresh fruit or veggies. Results: Will devoured the grapes and cheese at the computer desk and drank the water, but discarded the lime wedge. He licked a piece of mango and sampled some ham, but said it was too spicy. Then he turned off his game and asked for some leftover soup from last night and an ice cream sandwich, which he ate at the table. Elias ate a little of everything except the Tajín. He sucked on the lime wedge for a while.

We call ours a "rat plate." There's a scene in the movie "Ratatouille" where Linguini sets out a little feast for Remy, the rat, with fruit and bread and cheese. After we watched that, Will pretended to be a rat and asked for "rat food." Sometimes we do a "monster face" instead. If I can get a photo of one of those, I'll send that too.

Sally Lopez
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