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AElflaed note: This was lifted from Cathyn's website so I could edit and preserve it. It might still be out there elsewhere as well.

Honesty is telling the truth, and so much more. Primarily, not lying is at the heart of honesty, but it is also honest to have and present accurate assessments of the situations one encounters. To know and accept one's limitations is in fact honesty that will aid us in the long run, and help us to remain honest in several other areas where others might be counting on us in some way or another. Honesty is also remembering and keeping the oaths one has sworn. They are not merely words one mouths in order to get the cookie, oaths have meaning, and it is anyone's measure how they keep their word.

If you agree to do a service that you are in no way capable of doing you have not been honest with yourself, and that has caused you to be dishonest with someone else, though it was not malicious dishonesty.

Never lie, know yourself well enough to tell others what you can and cannot do, and never promise more than you can give, and you will happily be thought of as an honest person. Do not give me yes-men, do not give me no-men. Give me honest men.

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