Dragonfly's Happy Day

We had a happy day here today. Funny how the happiest days are full of small joys instead of major undertakings.

We watched the Seahawks lose this morning -- which one daughter enjoyed (?) with us and the other mostly slept through. Afterward, I did laundry and wrote bills. The girls helped with the latter by putting on stamps and address labels and running the calculator to help me balance the checkbook (which made me laugh after my comments in the skills thread -- funny that they'd pursue that skill today, all on their own). This turned into a brief game playing bank, with me as the teller helping dd#2 get into her safe deposit box.

Dd#1 went over to the neighbor's to play with their 9-month-old baby girl for a while.

This evening, the girls played together upstairs some, and I ran more loads of laundry (having been way behind in that area). Dh turned on a program on the History channel that discussed the historical accuracy of the upcoming Russell Crowe film, Master and Commander. After that, we read "separately together" some, each of us with his or her own book, all snuggled together on the couch.

The highlight of the day was playing hangman. Great unschooling moments there! We took turns trying to stump each other. I threw in a couple of historical quotes -- "Ask not what your country can do for you..." and "Hell no, we won't go!" -- that didn't stump anybody. Then we got onto movie quotes and I really got creamed. I wrote out this puzzle (where *'s are spaces because my spaces weren't coming through):

_'_ _ * _ _ * _ _ _ _!

My daughter took one look and said, "I'll be back." She was right! That cracked us up pretty good.

Now the girls are playing together again, dh is reading, and I'm having an unschooling.com fix. I really needed a day like today. It did this body good!


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