Simpsons Hangman and Harry Potter (The links I had here before disappeared; these are new ones.)

Another online hangman, and other word games.

Science Vocabulary Hangman, but they use a smiley face guy who loses parts and whose smile changes to sadness. Not traditional.

Stay Afloat works like hangman other than the art. There are various categories, notably WWII and Harry Potter. They give clues after a few misses, apparently two clues per play. That's fun. The only drawback is that even when the word is up there, you have to type it in the "guess" box to "win." So it's typing practice too.

OH! Someone else is keeping a hangman directory. Cool!

You really can play hangman with a paper and pencil, but some kids haven't ever done it! It helps to write down the missed letters so they know what they've already guessed. When we played, we wrote them in the gallows' base, and kept the vowels separate from the consonants.

History of Hangman

It's hard to prove the history of simple traditional games, but this goes back at least to the 19th century.

To read more: http://www.freehangmangames.com/

Hangman, and other pencil and paper games: http://eluzions.com/Games/Paper/
Diagrams and directions for Dots, Nim, and Sprouts (all pattern/mathish games): http://eluzions.com/recreation/games/paper

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