WoW chat with Kirby Dodd
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February 5, 2009
Unschooling Chat on World of Warcraft with Kirby Dodd
(Edited for flow, some typos, various repairs; willing to make more if it's too confusing as it is. —Sandra)
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SandraDodd: Hello, Kirby Thank you for being here.

KirbyDodd: Hi!

Joy (Guest9): Hi

kellitraas: Hi everyone ..:-)

SandraDodd: Kelli and Jill, I meant to remind you to write to your guild people but maybe you did...

JillP: Greetings

Schuyler: hello

kellitraas: I'm not in much of a guild right now. I passed the word on to some others though

SandraDodd: I have the booklet here from Wrath of the Lich King, and I was thinking I would list the job titles of people who are in the credits, but sheesh.... there are TONS of them!

Guest75: hi all

JillP: Hmmm, I didn't. lots of young kids in ours...maybe I'll do that quickly in case anyone is at their computer.

SandraDodd: So I might make a list before the conference in March.

patrick (Guest75): hey jill

SandraDodd: I'll wait for 15 people and then launch, okay? We're at 12.

KirbyDodd: Yeah, there are quite a few job titles thrown around the development side of things. Most of the people I know are in the "In-game support" department.

kellitraas: sounds good

SandraDodd: Kirby, are the artists and programmers all in Irvine?

KirbyDodd: Right now, yes. But that all might change at some point, I hear talk of it from the higher ups every now and then.

JillP: Hi Patrick.

Isabell: Hello everyone.

KirbyDodd: Currently all of the artists for Blizzard are located in Irvine, they might move them but it isn't likely.

SandraDodd: There are fifteen people in the room, so it's a good time to start! I would like to introduce Kirby, and invite Jill and Kelli to do as much of the questioning as they want because they know what they're talking about, and also they recognize many people in the room I don't.

KirbyDodd: Is it okay if I don't know what I'm talking about?

SandraDodd: Kirby, I guarantee I will have no idea whether you do or don't. I can't say the same for the rest of them!
Kirby is my oldest son. He was unschooled from the get-go, and started playing Nintendo when he was four or five. He played video games as much as the rest of us would let him have the computer, while we were all sharing a Mac IIsi, and he had Nintendo systems as they came out.

patrick (Guest75): we all know kirby , he is the hero of all wow unschoolers

KirbyDodd: No pressure.

SandraDodd: Cool! For the record, for people who find the chat .... what did they call them on Galaxy Quest? Who find the historical documents later and don't know who he is, I'm throwing this in.

patrick (Guest75): if I stump you do I get a beta key for the new expansion

KirbyDodd: Maybe when I get mine. =P

SandraDodd: From 14 to 18 he worked in a gaming store called Active Imagination. Not electronic gaming—CCG, table games, board games. And then he worked at a pizza place, as all young Albuquerqueans must do (kind like Israelis and military service). And now he is as you see him... A name on a screen. ..:-)
Okay. Take it, Jill !

JillP: Eek.

SandraDodd: Okay, take it Kirby!

KirbyDodd: !

SandraDodd: Kirby sorry Kelli?

kellitraas: Kirby did you see that Blizzard had an opening? Is that how you came to working there?

JillP: I've found that Luke has learned so much form WoW It is an incredible learning tool, And I like postings about all that ppl have learned.

KirbyDodd: Well, I started working at this company called Client Logic. They were an outsourcing company that did some work for Tivo, Sony, People PC and Blizzard at the time.

kellitraas: That was in NM?

KirbyDodd: Yes, this was in Albuquerque. I was there for about seven months before the contract was lost. They hired out about 70 people from the 400 we had in office and brought us out to Austin!

patrick (Guest75): what is the work atmosphere like at blizzard? is it cool relaxed or slavish?

KirbyDodd: The work atmosphere at Blizzard.
It's very relaxed, things are kept quiet so that we don't disturb our surrounding co-workers. But you will see one guy with a pink spiked mohawk and another with flipflops and a shirt full of holes! (That would be me)

patrick (Guest75): what is an ( most/) interesting thing you've seen in the game?

KirbyDodd: That isn't designed to happen? There was a time when the server for all of the instances (Dungeons) in the game crashed...

RobinB (Guest2): Yikes!

KirbyDodd: Everyone on the realm was sent to the exact same location high in the air above Hillsbrad, the ground was littered with skeletons and then a whole bunch of PvP combat began. o.O

JillP: Awesome!

kellitraas: we're laughing here at our house ..:-)

AndyK (Guest10): What kind of work exactly have you been involved with? What is your role and how do you spend your workdays?

KirbyDodd: I work in the support department. Development designs and creates the game, we do the day to day question answering and problem solving. Like, say your character gets stuck half way in the ground and you can't move.

Stephen (Guest48): I've had that happen to me quite a few times.

KirbyDodd: I would move your character to a safe location so you can keep playing.

kellitraas: Alec, my son who plays, would like to know if employees continue playing the game as regular characters, like everyone else?

KirbyDodd: Yes. I have my own play account which is not associated with work. I don't get special powers or anything like that for my characters. ..;-)

patrick (Guest75): that's too bad , they should at least give you the motorcycle mount.

Can you mind control characters that are acting poorly?

KirbyDodd: Well, I won't really go in to too much of everything that I can or can't do. Let's keep it at just about anything. =P

SandraDodd: Kirby, you can't play where you work I think, right?

JillP: About the quiet work atmosphere....are you phone support or email/ingame support? I'm curious about why such a quiet place is needed?

KirbyDodd: I can play at the office, no addons or ventrilo sadly. But if there is an open computer (Which is always) then I can play/surf the web.

patrick (Guest75): undead girl's dance is pretty mean also

RobinB (Guest2): And female trolls!

BuffDKs (Guest98): No addons? My god, how do you live?

RobinB (Guest2): The big question: Horde or Alliance?

JillP: For the Horde!!!!!!! Guy trolls dance the best.

KirbyDodd: Both, my main is Alliance. I am in-game support, the technical support reps are on the phone however.

SandraDodd: Inside the game though, you can't work in the (Jill, help! I don't speak it) server-land in which you might advise later? (me speaky bad)

JillP: right Sandra, Kirby cannot play on the servers that he does his work on.

HollyDodd: Kirby doesn't and isn't allowed to play on servers he works with. Right.... never mind that.

KirbyDodd: Right, I wont be taking any issues from friends/family. For the most park I don't even look at my play realms while at work.

SandraDodd: After a year of me having to be quiet about what I knew about what Kirby does at work, they go an put his name in a booklet with his rank and friggin' serial number, practically.

KirbyDodd: I am but a lowly serial number...

SandraDodd: OOh! And I got to see his work badge. And the building, which looks like one of those suburban industrial warehouses. And I saw his Blizzard jacket. It's like the t-birds.

hahamommy: So Kirby (hihihihi) do you ever wish you mom had woken you up "just because" so you could have years of preparation for waking up for work? or do you do okay waking up because you want to?

KirbyDodd: I do fine waking up for work, I really really enjoy being there, it's not a chore or anything like that. To be honest, I don't work till the early afternoon anyways. =)

hahamommy: a shift that fits better with your normal rhythm anyway?

JillP: Is work ever "slow" or do you Always have help request? *a help ticket waiting, I mean.

KirbyDodd: Slow... haha. Not recently. Ever since Wrath of the Lich King came out, we have had just under 1,000,000 on most nights. There are a lot of issues/questions that come in each hour.

RobinB (Guest2): A million help tickets? Whoa...

AndyK (Guest10): Do you like your co=workers? Was it hard moving out and living on your own?

JillP: What makes being there so enjoyable?

Guest23: Was there a direct relationship between playing electronic or other games often as a child and getting the job in NM that led to the present job?

KirbyDodd: I love the people I work with. My team doesn't really have a direct supervisor (We report to the neighboring one) so we all lean on each other quite a bit.

SandraDodd: That's in all realms, all languages, though, not just in Austin right?

mindyh: My son, Alex, would like to know if GMs work for Blizzard or are they just players who have figured out the cheats?

KirbyDodd: I don't understand what you mean (Guest23), are you asking how my first job connected me to this current one?

SandraDodd: The question about whether playing electronic games as a kid helped is a good one I hadn't thought of before. Your roommate was a football player. Also a gamer? Are there people there who came to gaming as adults?

KirbyDodd: The million players are on the US realms, that does not include the UK/China/Russa/Taiwan

Guest23: I meant did gaming for fun directly lead to and provide skills for gaming as a job. sorry i wasn't clearer the 1st time.

Schuyler: sigh, I can never be helped by you or your team...

JillP: Oh the 1,000,000 number is players...not tickets, Robin.

RobinB (Guest2): Gotcha.

KirbyDodd: Because it was a retail job I knew a lot about (Gaming) I really enjoyed talking to the people who came in, that taught me a ton of conversation skills which I apply to every time I help a player in WoW

patrick (Guest75): is there a remedial wow, I really suck at leveling

KirbyDodd: Alex, Game Masters do work for Blizzard. There is no cheating involved. ..;-)

HollyDodd: At a table-game shop, not Client Logic.

JillP: Yeah, it's called playing, Patrick!

SandraDodd: This must be in Ali G's voice, please: Kirby, how come you is not made the supervisor of your group. Is it because you was unschooled?

patrick (Guest75): lol

KirbyDodd: My roommate (who also works for Blizzard) was a "Jock" in highschool, he played football as a linebacker and was never in to D&D or any RPG before getting in to WoW.

HazelCullen: Honestly, I have never played World Of Warcraft. If I ever attemped to, I would most likely kill the game and make my computer set aflame. My gaming skills are nonexistent. But working there sounds lovely ..:-)

KirbyDodd: lol, you will get better Pat. One thing I really like about WoW is you learn how to became very efficient with your character. (Which is randomly applied to anything you do really..)

patrick (Guest75): are you a death knight?

JillP: It's a different kind of play Hazel....not like using quick thumb controllers of video console games, although as one gets better, there are ways to use your mouse and keyboard quickly.
Agree, Kirby

Joy (Guest9): have you ever meet Greg street/Ghostcrawler, and if so what's he like?

Guest23: That's interesting, I was thinking more of technical skills/knowledge, but it's more about social skills/ customer service etc. A good job for jocks, maybe not as musch for less social nerd types, even if they are a computer wiz

KirbyDodd: Mom, I am the veteran of my team and I end up doing most of the work that a "Senior" does for a team. I haven't received the actual promotion because I don't interview very well. -_-

RobinB (Guest2): It's fun, Hazel. I wondered the same thing, but my daugher encouraged me (and is very patient), so I'm learning. I'm not anywhere near as fast or able to keep all sorts of information in my field of vision like she can, but I'm doing okay.

KirbyDodd: Pat, I do have a Death Knight, I only play him on the side from time to time.

JillP: Kirby that doesn't seem to go along with your great conversational skills???

KirbyDodd: Ghostcralwer is in Irvine. But I know several of the other forum Game Masters. Have I missed any questions? : .:-Deep breath::

patrick (Guest75): how was it leaving home was a while back

KirbyDodd: Haha! It's sad I know. I just got nervous and tried to give the "perfect" answer, when I should have just given them my answers and I would have been just fine.
It was pretty rough at first to be honest. I had only ever moved from one part of town to another before coming to Austin.

patrick (Guest75): what is the male female ratio at work

AndyKatin: It seems like a brave thing to do then!!

patrick (Guest75): love the honest vulnerability of unschoolers

KirbyDodd: I focused on work and the game pretty hard at first, but now I have many friends here and I really am enjoying it. =)

RobinB (Guest2): Female to male is ratio is skewed to male at Blizzcon (no lines to the women's restrooms!).

JillP: I'd like to know what the game developers do or how they work to create such a compelling game, (knowing you might not be able to give that info, if you have it).?

KirbyDodd: I can't accurately provide a number ratio for the male, female balance. But currently the men outnumber the women (But there are way more women who work there then some think)

Guest23: many college grads doing what you do? anyone care that you do not have a degree?

KirbyDodd: I haven't been to the Irvine office yet, so I don't have much information on how work is for Development. I communicate with them via E-mail.

RobinB (Guest2): We are fascinated by the lore and were wondering if it came before or after the development of the game? Do you know?

KirbyDodd: I imagine they spend a lot of time throwing pop culture jokes around the office, because of how many are randomly in the game.

JillP: lol, I like finding those.

RobinB (Guest2): Yes, we've enjoyed all the Disney stuff (Bambi, etc.)

KirbyDodd: My lack of a piece of paper has not held me back thusfar. They have internal job openings all the time that say they require X or Y. But they have hired several people who did not have a degree into those jobs.

Joy (Guest9): do you have any favourite Races and/or Classes? (just wondering)

KirbyDodd: The lore of the game, it has been building since Warcraft (The first one on PC), a ton of the story has been written as the game goes on. The character history for Thrall, Jaina, Illidan, Arthas and basically most any other named character Have been through the games or lore sites. And books of course. My main is a Night Elf Druid. I have several characters of most classes and races. Orcs are the best. =P

JillP: Luke has been playing warcraft 3 to get some of the lore, because our guild is heavy RP, and follows lots of the lore.

KirbyDodd: Because they are Orcs.

RobinB (Guest2): We like the books, too. Michelle is reading Richard Knaak's trilogy "War of the Ancients" (I think it's called) now. Druids rule!

KirbyDodd: Warcraft 3 is perfect for lore right now. If he hasn't finished it, I suggest that he keeps pushing and plays "The Frozen Throne" as well, it leads in to all of the story that is going on in the game right now.

RobinB (Guest2): Michelle would say "Hunters rule!"

JillP: Is that good reading , Robin? Our RP trainer gave us that title.

KirbyDodd: I just played through it again as well.

Joy (Guest9): my sons main is a druid, he loves em ..:-)

JillP: Good to hear, because I'm having a hard time fitting my Bloodelf in not know enough of the lore.

kellitraas: My 2 daughters are reading the same book and they are enjoying it.

RobinB (Guest2): Michelle's liking it a lot. I'm going to read "Day of the Dragon" and "Night of the Dragon" shortly.

KirbyDodd: Have any of you guys seen the comic series? It is about the King of Stormwind while he was "Kid napped" (They just recently re-introduced him in to the game)

JillP: No. Is it book form, or online somewhere?

RobinB (Guest2): We picked up all 5 of the comics at Blizzcon - they're cool. And the manga's been interesting, too.

KirbyDodd: Book form. There is about a years worth of issues out.

JillP: Title?

KirbyDodd: kidnapped is one word. >.<

SandraDodd: Unless it's a sleeping young child

JillP: Ooh, I thought you were playing with the words, because that little kid stands next to the king in Stormwind!

HollyDodd: I don't know the right name for it, but when someone has their character set up to play a lot at once, to play one multiple ways at once (I might have this all wrong, but I heard it exists) is that the sort of thing that can get you banned from the game?

patrick (Guest75): thanks so much kirby gtg

HollyDodd: What's the worst that happens?

hahamommy: Hayden just bought the Sunwell Trilogy

SandraDodd: Thanks for being here Patrick

JillP: Sorry alliance players....we just took down the King a couple days ago, great strategy not a full raid group! And I didn't die! as a priest!

HollyDodd: Is there anything that can be done or that happens in the game that can send someone to jail?

RobinB (Guest2): FTH!

HollyDodd: Aside from verbal abuse.

KirbyDodd: Holly, to play a character multiple ways or to play multiple characters at once?

JillP: Its called double boxing, Holly

KirbyDodd: Thanks Pat, see you later!

HollyDodd: To have your computer or account rigged to play four guys one way, at the same time.

HazelCullen: What is the most common problem you help players with?

JillP: there's a guy you can find online that plays about 30 some characters all at the same time. His set up is bizarre! Name of Prepared, and all the other names are a variation of that name.

Joy (Guest9): Thank You Kirby for doing this chat. Being here past 11pm now here in the UK we're feeling the pull to our beds so will say good night. Thankfully we can read the rest of what you all talk about later - Thank You Sandra. Good night.

KirbyDodd: Well, YOU can play four characters at the same time (Many people do it) but your computer can't play any of your characters ever. That is when it breaks the rules.

HollyDodd: So how does Blizzard deal with someone breaking the rules that bad?

kellitraas: yeah, I've seen a group of 4 together leveling, pretty weird

SandraDodd: Thanks, Joy--sorry, I was up from the table

KirbyDodd: The most common problem changes frequently, if something breaks, we will get a ton of reports for it. The "timeless" issues are things like chat harassment/PvP camping and stuff like that.

JillP: I don't like getting ganked by double boxers.

JillP: Can you really do anything about pvp camping , Kirby?

KirbyDodd: According to the policies that everyone agrees to. PvP camping is okay.
It's in there!...somewhere.

kellitraas: I suppose it's technically just a strategy. Frustrating though

HollyDodd: That it is or isn't okay to camp in PvP?

JillP: Often for our world PvP, we are in communication with the opposing faction, for setting up events, and even handling problems (like no spitting, and no camping) on the forums and even guild forums.

KirbyDodd: Pretty much Kelli, if there is cheating and stuff like that. Things need to be dealt with, PvP is in the game so players can kill each other all they want.

JillP: PvP camping is ok Holly. I mean it'd be hard to complain about, especially from being on a pvp server, or flagging yourself on a normal server.

SandraDodd: Marty and Holly don't know what spitting is, so I don't mind asking.

JillP: a player can type an "emotion" to another player...one is /spit, and considered VERY rude.

KirbyDodd: That's awesome about your server Jill! The community of the realm addresses many of the day to day interactions between the horde and alliance. One of my servers, everyone is really nice to each other and will rarely attack the opposing faction unless provoked. The other... well it can take a while to get to where you're going. lol

SandraDodd: Holly's saying "I want /show them the bottom of my shoe'
/fart on them

kellitraas: there is a fart one lol

JillP: Yeah, and IF we really need, we can talk to one of the opposing faction players to come and get one of our side who's acting like a jerk. Kinda cool when we're roleplaying. teabagging....gross!

KirbyDodd: Haha! There isn't a /teabag command, that would be gross.

JillP: www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/basics/emotes.html There's a cool list of emotes.
This gives good wow info, and helps me when I need quick lore... www.wowwiki.com/
This one is good when you just can't figure out your quest... www.wowhead.com/

SandraDodd: Kirby, you said the legal department is impressively sharp. What kinds of things do they deal with? (just maybe one story?)

SandraDodd: Or if that's too off topic for the people who really play, you can skip it.

KirbyDodd: It's boring stuff really, but if you actually read the terms of use, they are true word smiths.

Isabell: (Have to go but thanks for your time Kirby ..:-)

kellitraas: we really like thottbot.com too for help on quests

KirbyDodd: Thanks Isabell! =D

Kelli, be careful with Thottbot, it's not very trustworthy or safe IMO.

kellitraas: oh really? ok

hahamommy: ooooh good to know, it's what gets used around here, too

kellitraas: is wowhead better?

JillP: Wowhead is the bomb!

KirbyDodd: I personally really like wowhead.com. It is the cleanest and safest WoW related help site.

RobinB (Guest2): For hunters, petopia.brashendeavors.net/ is great for information on hunter pets.

KirbyDodd: Thottbot is owned by a gold selling company. =/

kellitraas: ah, I didn't know that

KirbyDodd: And of course (WoWhead, thottbot, Alakazham, WoWDB) don't click on any of those stupid banners. They are the worst.

SandraDodd: Oooh... Advice for what people should avoid is a great idea. Are there things people do in the game that break the rules but they don't realize it? Sometimes people believe their friends before they actually read rules.

hahamommy: I popped over to wowhead (another tab) and Hayden looked over my shoulder and found something really-cool-he-has-to-do-right-now ..:-) so I'm off so the boy can play WoW. thanks kirby!!

SandraDodd: Bye, Diana. Thanks for coming!

KirbyDodd: There isn't really anything that people do normally that can get them in trouble. So long as you don't cheat and don't say inappropriate stuff to other players in the game. You're golden!

SandraDodd: Other than giving away their password or buying gold for cash, are there other ways people can be victimized by real-world badguys?

KirbyDodd: Thanks Diana! <3

RobinB (Guest2): Michelle thinks more players should read the strategy guides for in-game etiquette and socializing.

HazelCullen: I recently saw a book at Barnes&Noble titled "World of Warcraft: How to prep for the SATs"....I never thought I'd see that...

KirbyDodd: o.O I have never heard of that book Hazel.

JillP: Kirby, I'm guessing because there are so many gold sellers, that it is a lucrative business, and WoW can't seem to get rid of it...I'm guessing more people buy gold, than not? true?

HazelCullen: I'm guessing it is not from Blizzard XD

JillP: no, gold sellers are not from Blizzard.

KirbyDodd: I can't really go in to too much detail with the whole gold selling business. I know enough people keep buying gold to make it worth their time. Some don't know it's against the ToS, some don't care.

JillP: oh ok, They are a pain in the cities. ah.

Zamozo: hi

KirbyDodd: Other ways that someone can be victimized by the "WoW Bad guy"... keyloggers can be installed that will record your password when you plug it in. They are like a virus.

SandraDodd: Oh! Holly's-boyfriend-Brett just got a password-add-on-changing tool in the mail last week.

KirbyDodd: The authenticator!

JillP: You have to get it in the mail?

KirbyDodd: I am not trying to sell anything, but everyone should have one of those IMO

SandraDodd: How would someone have gotten Brett's password, though? Where would a person be to do that? (Neither gold sellers nor the SAT prep book come from Blizzard.)

JillP: Kirby, how do the key loggers get your password?

KirbyDodd: If someone installs a program on Brett's computer that records which keys he hits, they wait until he logs in to the game and then they have both his username and password.

SandraDodd: Could they install it from a distance, though, you mean?

JillP: Oh so, someone would need to come into my home to do it?

kellitraas: could you get it from clicking on something on one of the unsafe sites?

KirbyDodd: Very much so, it installs like a virus. Sometimes you can get them from clicking on banner adds on websites, there was a VERY short time when Adobe acrobat was corrupt.

JillP: Are the addon sites safe? Like wowinterface?

HollyDodd: Has there been anything as simple as like "install some free gold" or "pick up your gold and this website"?

JillP: Generally we don't like addons, but I really like Grid for healing.

kellitraas: Alec uses a couple for raiding

KirbyDodd: Cursegaming and wowinterface are both great. But I would never download an addon that wasn't from one of those two sites. (I don't know for sure which sites are "bad"*)
Yes Holly, and people believed it.

kellitraas: I like a map add on, and we use cursegaming

KirbyDodd: Your virus scanners should pick it up just fine, whenever I am talking to someone who got hacked, I tell them to run two or three different scans to be safe.

JillP: Is cursegaming the same as curse?

KirbyDodd: Jill, Yes, they are the same.

Zamozo: Sorry I'm late coming in here -- just want to say that Kirby's story has been an inspiration to me and my kids... Zach, 17, got a job at a used video-game store this summer. We all love WoW too. Zoe credits WoW with helping her learn to read.

JillP: Ditto on the reading Chris(?) with Luke.

Zamozo: Do cursegaming and wowinterface have apps for Macs too?

JillP: Yes, I use a mac. and use wowinterface.

Zamozo: cool

KirbyDodd: That's great. I credit my typing skills to WoW (No puns for my errors so far) =D

JillP: lol

RobinB (Guest2): Reading, spelling, typing and language exploration for us.

JillP: Wow has lead us to so many connections.

Zamozo: WoW has inspired amazing spelling, typing and vocabulary advances for Zoe -- astounding really!

SandraDodd: There's typing and then there's spelling (which I nearly just sent out as "spalling")

SandraDodd: My dear husband whose genetics have done my children a world of good has never been a speller.

SandraDodd: But patterns and math and logic, they have. And that helps with gaming more than spelling does, I think. Holly's a good speller.

RobinB (Guest2): Yes, Michelle has always seen patterns and order and I know that helps her in WoW.

Zamozo: Those too! And the ability to multi-task -- oh my, I can't keep up! She'll carry on multiple chats, fight enemies and keep track of quests, achievements and so much more all at the same time.

kellitraas: spelling, typing and research skills have been amazingly affected by WoW for us too, and RPing too

JillP: metals, travel, generosity, group planning/organizing, rp, ...

RobinB (Guest2): Yes, I am constantly amazed by all she can do.

Zamozo: and the art... her art tutor told Zoe that all of WoW art is created on Photoshop -- do you know that to be true, Kirby?

JillP: Luke will inspect so many players, watch duels, and then try out everything...he's a really good player.

Zamozo: Luke sounds like Zoe -- inspecting, trying things on -- she's as much into the visual aspects of WoW as the other aspects.

RobinB (Guest2): The music and art are two things we most look forward to with the Collector's Editions. We saw the VideoGames Live orchestra at Blizzcon - so cool!

HollyDodd: Is there much WoW on YouTube like there is Rock Band and Guitar Hero that help kids? Or people, I guess...

KirbyDodd: There is a ton of artwork on the walls at work, many of them are prints of hand drawn artwork. I'm sure some of them are done on the computer, but the artists at Blizzard have a wide range of tools that they use.

Zamozo: Neat.

KirbyDodd: All of the armor in the game is hand drawn before they make it on the computer. There is always concept art for upcoming items.

kellitraas: I think Alec has looked up some boss strategies in the form of videos before

JillP: Does Blizzard take suggestions for armor and such?

kellitraas: they link videos in their guild forums, some are on youtube

KirbyDodd: There isn't much in the form of instructional videos on Youtube for WoW. But there are a ton of funny WoW related videos. At least from what I have seen,

RobinB (Guest2): Yeah, Oxhorn is our fav!

JillP: Does everyone know the Oxhorn videos? So funny
we love those guys.

HollyDodd: The only one I really know is the one with "Leroyyyyy Jenkins!", but that's also the only reason I know it.

JillP: I wanna talk like Mortuus.

KirbyDodd: Whenever I need to learn how to do something about the game on the fly (Which happens often) I look it up on WoWhead or WoWWiki

kellitraas: alec says he ultimately likes text guides though

Zamozo: I like the dances of WoW youTube -- hilarious!

RobinB (Guest2): We like "We eat flesh!" Schuyler sent it 'cuz it's Linnea's favorite.

SandraDodd: Kirby is there a place for people to send suggestions for armor and such?

KirbyDodd: I really like the WoW Tacoma truck ad.

SandraDodd: (repeating a question in case you missed it)

kellitraas: mahna, mahna is one of our favs ..:-)

RobinB (Guest2): Gonna try the male dranei dance at the Life is Good conference this year lol

SandraDodd: I'll make all these links available from the chat page

KirbyDodd: Yes! The suggestion forums, there is a team that reads every post and presents the ideas there to Development.

kellitraas: or roflmao I guess

JillP: Oh cool, I'll tell Luke, he's had a few suggestions that I didn't know what to do with.

RobinB (Guest2): I did a Advent calendar based on Oxhorn's"The Twelve Days of Winter's Veil" this Christmas .

KirbyDodd: He can also suggest them to a Game Master. They are now accepting suggestions as well.

Zamozo: dancing video:

KirbyDodd: But I would make sure he tells them it is a suggestion.

JillP: tell them it's a suggestion as opposed to _______? what?

KirbyDodd: A complaint.

JillP: ah.

SandraDodd: Kirby, has working there made the game more fun for you, or less fun, or is it about the same as it was?

KirbyDodd: Working here has made the game itself more enjoyable. I learn about so much of the random stuff in the game and make a point to go find it.

JillP: That is SO cool to hear, I would've thought workers would get sick of the game.

KirbyDodd: It goes back and forth. There is a fair amount of people who used to play but don't anymore. But they never really quit, something new and cool comes out and they always try it.

HollyDodd: When Kirby worked at client logic he said a guy he worked with said once "we make pizzas all day, to go home and eat pizza."

SandraDodd: But the Dion's staff does that too. ..:-) [the pizza place where Kirby used to work]

KirbyDodd: Yeah... pizza is good.

SandraDodd: I'm making Holly laugh and she's at the same table.

JillP: funny. Maybe Luke's plan of working at a local burrito shop and then Blizzard will keep his love of those two things going!

Zamozo: Hope she doesn't have pizza in her mouth.

SandraDodd: She wishes!

HollyDodd: You guys are making me hungry... Or maybe I was hungry before.

Zamozo: Zach says that surprisingly, they don't ever play video games at the used video game store -- quick tests but they're always too busy to play for fun.

SandraDodd: Kirby, If you think of anything later you wish you had suggested or talked about, e-mail it, please, and I can add it.

JillP: Thanks for taking your time for this, Kirby. Very interesting to "listen" to.

Guest14: Ack, I was logged off (but could still hear the posts) trying to get some YouTube links. I'll get them later and send them to you, okay Sandra?

SandraDodd: If you're still typing, feel free to continue. We don't have to quit. But it's time for me to say thank you very much for doing this, Kirby!

kellitraas: yes, thanks so much Kirby!

Zamozo: I can't wait to read the notes - I missed much I know

Guest14: Yes, thanks a lot!

SandraDodd: Yes, thanks--any links people want to send.

Zamozo: yes, thank you for this and for working at Blizzard -- love WoW!

KirbyDodd: A ton of people ask me "How do I get a job at blizzard", if you're interested, apply. Not many people know they even have the option. I had some weird foot in the door, but there is an application on the website (I can find it if you want)

JillP: And Sandra, thanks for doing these chats and sharing your children, ....er stories about your kids!

Zamozo: Maybe

SandraDodd: My poor kids...

Zamozo: sure

SandraDodd: You're welcome, I mean.

kellitraas: yes, I think the chat idea is a great one!

SandraDodd: Thanks, Kelli! Tomorrow, same time, Pam Sorooshian. Serious depth-of-unschooling-philosophy chat.

KirbyDodd: This was a ton of fun! I will try to be around for any others that come up. =)

Guest14: It's been fun! Thanks from me (Robin and Michelle).

Zamozo: bummer - I have to work -- will have to look up the notes from that one too

mindyh: Thank you Dodds, and all who shed more light on WoW for us relative newbies. I also love the chat idea...I missed a couple of other ones I wanted to be a part of. I wasn't sure how to get on, etc. I will definitely be back for more. Thanks ..:-)

JillP: Cool. nice to know.

Guest19: This is much better than the AOL chatroom!

JillP: Mindy, also you can ask questions on Unschooling_gamers yahoo group. I check it and answer any WoW questions that I can.

kellitraas: well, I'm off, great talking with everyone, have a good night and thanks again Kirby!

KirbyDodd: I disconnected myself. =(

HollyDodd: You might have missed some pretty sweet talk.

JillP: We were thanking you and your mom, for sharing all that you do.

SandraDodd: Kirby, some people just got here. But you can quit if you need to. I really appreciate your being here. I'll send it to you, Kirby HEY! Kirby has a picture!

HollyDodd: KIRBY I see your picture!

KirbyDodd: !! Did I not have a picture before?

JillP: Bye All.

SandraDodd: It wasn't showing until you logged back in.

mindyh: Thanks Jill. I'll keep that in mind as new things come up. We just got our first expansion...and I'm sure we'll run into odds and ends. The Traaseths have been our home base and have given us invaluable help with all things WoW as we got started.

HollyDodd: Not on my end.

KirbyDodd: Oh, I had that one set up before.

SandraDodd: Bye, Jill. Thanks! For the people who just got here, do you have any Kirby-questions?

RobinB (Guest2): I'm off to find YouTube vids. Bye!

SandraDodd: I'll put the transcript up and THEN fix typos, I guess. And add links in a sidebar, too, as I did on the young children page (which I also haven't finished editing) I better slow down on the chats, maybe!

Zamozo: I apologize if this was covered before but... Zoe wants to know if you can tell us how much money epic mounts and epic mount training costs?

SandraDodd: It wasn't discussed.

KirbyDodd: That can all be found on WoWhead.com. But the epic (land) mount skill is like... 530 gold with the mount itself being 90 gold. The flying epic mount skill is 5K, the mount being 100 gold.

Zamozo: She's picking her jaw up off the floor - LOL! Thank you.

KirbyDodd: lol! Keep saving your gold and it will be easy! Once you get in to Outland, gold is easier to come by and once you get in to Northrend; you won't know what to do with it all.

Zamozo: She just created her deathknight last week but we've been traveling so she hasn't much experience with it yet. THanks for the tips.

KirbyDodd: Any time! By the way, your Death Knight gets a free epic land mount. ..;-)
Just for being awesome.

SandraDodd: Bea, your Canadian flag's all purty! Is anyone at your house playing WoW?

BeaMantovani: no, unfortunately. Dd is only 3 years old. I just stopped by to see if I could even understand what You guys were talking about I don't understand a thing ..:-)

SandraDodd: I hardly understood a thing. But there's Kirby's picture and Kirby's words are here.

BeaMantovani: ..:-)

KirbyDodd: I'm just here to look pretty.

Zamozo: Zach wants to know if mounts like magic carpets and motorcycles can be given to other players or are they bound on pick up?

KirbyDodd: It should say on the item. I think the carpet is BoP (Bind on pickup) while the motocycle is BoE (Bind on equip) meaning you can trade it to anyone you want until it is used.

Zamozo: Thanks, they're thinking ahead to the future...

SandraDodd: Kirby, are most of the players you work with honest and nice people?

Zamozo: I know I missed earlier chat but... what kind of work do you do for Blizzard, Kirby? Technical support?

KirbyDodd: I work for the in-game support department. =) I'm not tech savvy enough to really be on the technical support teams.

Zamozo: Awesome! So players contact you live via in-game chat?

KirbyDodd: Yep! I don't talk to anyone on the phone or face to face. I will also respond to E-mails that are sent to us.

BeaMantovani: Kirby, I think Sandra mentioned that some of your work is top secret ..:-) I was wondering why that is?

KirbyDodd: Because Blizzard is a pretty big gaming company now, I am privileged to some information that the player base does not have access to.

Zamozo: Zoe wants to know if you have a character/realm you play that you're willing to share with us -- in case we ever see you online? If not, totally understand.

KirbyDodd: My main character's name is….on… [edited out by Kirby’s mom]. But please don't bring up that I work for Blizzard in the game. While I am in the game, I am not an employee.

Zamozo: Understood.

SandraDodd: Kirby, if someone outed you within the game, would you need to change characters or something?
(Or could you must make all those who knew who you were disappear later? JOKING)

Zamozo: Zoe wants to know what level [that character] is?

KirbyDodd: [… ] level 80

Guest30: husband plays WoW is here and wants to know if you have any info about Diablo 3. sorry know it’s not really related to topic

SandraDodd: 30, we're past the official time. If Kirby doesn't mind, it's fine.

KirbyDodd: lol Something like that, thankfully I haven't had to deal with anything like a "witness protection program" or anything like that. =P

Zamozo: Ok, sorry to have asked.

BeaMantovani: So, if I understand correctly, your job mostly consists of playing on WOW all day?

KirbyDodd: Haha! Regarding D3, I don't have a whole lot. Nothing that is more exciting than the videos posted on the main website. =)

dina (Guest30): don't know if u mentioned earlier, but how did u get the job at Blizzard Kirby?

KirbyDodd: Quite the opposite actually, while I am at work; I am working and never playing. While I am playing, I'm never working. I think if I work and play at the same time, i don't get to work anymore.

Zamozo: Do you prefer Alliance or Horde characters?

KirbyDodd:You can apply for a job on the website Dina. =)

BeaMantovani: I see, so when you say players contact you, you mean there is a "contact support staff" link somewhere within the game that players can use?

KirbyDodd: I play both Alliance and Horde, my main is a Night Elf (Alliance) There is Bea, there is a red question mark on the bottom of the interface. That is how you contact the support staff.

SandraDodd: Dina, in the chat earlier he did talk about getting the job

dina (Guest30): oh ok, sorry guys, i missed it. 2 yr old wanted to leave the room

Zamozo: We started out Alliance but have played Horde more. Is one more popular than the other?

KirbyDodd: Don't be sorry! I get asked that question a lot actually. ..;-) I first started with an Orc Shaman and moved to the Alliance with a group of friends. I have played an Orc Hunter to level 70 after the fact as well.

dina (Guest30): has Blizzard given any thought to a 'world of starcraft'?

BeaMantovani: Are there possibilities for you to do your whole career at [Blizzard], like move out of the support staff into some other department, or move up in the support department?

KirbyDodd: I can't talk about upcoming games. World of Starcraft is a neat idea though!

dina (Guest30): i understand. that question was from my husband paul. he used to work for ESRB

KirbyDodd: I do have the option to move on to other departments, but I'm currently focusing on in-game support. I don't really want to move again for the time being, so I don't ever apply to the job offerings that come out.

SandraDodd: Bea, he's moved up a notch or two within the department he's in.

Zamozo: I got disconnected so I'm not sure if this question posted -- Do you work graveyard hours, I've noticed WoW is busier at night.

SandraDodd: It's always night somewhere, though, and they play it around the world!

KirbyDodd: I work during the peak hours (Early afternoon till about midnight) There are a ton of players on till maybe three or four in the morning, then it will die off till about 3PM

Zamozo: Zoe wants to know if your character is a druid?

SandraDodd: Personally, I think it's great that after YEARS of people ragging on me (and other unschoolers) who didn't make their kids get up early or have a bedtime, you have a good job from 2:00 pm to 11:00.

KirbyDodd: There are always some Australian players on in the middle of the night, they are generally very nice to me. =)

SandraDodd: and overtime lots of times, so good thing you didn't grow up "on a schedule"

Zamozo: Oh, cool -- you notice a difference in levels of politeness based on where they're from?

BeaMantovani: are most of your coworkers in your age group?

dina (Guest30): haha to the naysayers Sandra!

KirbyDodd: Not outside of that really. I just noticed that the players who called me "Mate" and had an aussie IP were generally very nice.

Zamozo: Ah, Zach uses "Mate" a lot but not an aussie IP -- just an anglo/aussiephile

BeaMantovani: Are there versions of WoW in other languages?

KirbyDodd: There sure is; spanish, russian, chinese, Italian... I'm sure there is more. For the US servers, there are three realms that are in spanish and the rest are all english.

BeaMantovani: do you have offices in other countries?

Zamozo: Can you work from home or do you have to go into the office?

KirbyDodd: Yes M'am. Paris, France. Cork, Ireland. Taiwan (Not sure where in Taiwan) and two in North America.

SandraDodd: Are the Spanish-speaking players assisted from inside the U.S? Like South and Central American players, I mean?

KirbyDodd: Yes! There is a staff of spanish speaking Game Masters. One was on my team for a bit.
Did I miss any questions? I'm actually about to go run something in-game with a couple of friends.

SandraDodd: I have a philosophical dilemma with editing this chat. I usually correct typos and spelling but if I correct every bit of Kirby's spelling, am I committing maternal fraud?

BeaMantovani: Wow, that's great, so you have a job doing what you love, where you don't have to get up early, but you can also travel with the company, if you want to?

SandraDodd: He doesn't get to travel, but there are people working in other cities. Irvine and Austin, in the U.S.

BeaMantovani: I mean, you could possibly travel, if they needed somebody with your experience

KirbyDodd: Yes Bea, I have the option if I really like. =)

Zamozo: I'm so very tempted to use my WoW language -- ty

SandraDodd: Kirby, if there are Russian and Chinese players, where are the customer service people for them?
France and Ireland?

KirbyDodd: Every bit of my spelling? Was it that awful? =P

SandraDodd: No

KirbyDodd: There are support offices in the UK and Taiwan as well. All offices that are not Irvine are strictly in-game support.

SandraDodd: Not as bad as your dad's was at your age, and he was in college. I forgot Taiwan. Sorry

Zamozo: I like the personalization of minor misspellings and grammatical errors -- does that make sense?

SandraDodd: What about Japan>? They must be playing in Japan, or do they have other better games they like?

KirbyDodd: I'm not sure honestly. =) I'm getting yelled at to move so I'm going to go. Thanks for coming everyone!

SandraDodd: Thanks, Kirby!

Zamozo: ty, Kirby! Thanks Sandra!

BeaMantovani: just thinking in terms of possible career perspective. Just thinking that you're such a perfect example of how playing video games "all day" can lead to a great career ..:-) thanks Kirby!

SandraDodd: Okay, he's off to play Wow. This is his second day off (his "Sunday")


Some of these links are from the transcript and some were sent later. One link is left out because Kirby advises against that site for safety reasons.

www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/basics/emotes.html There's a cool list of emotes.

This gives good wow info, and helps me when I need quick lore... www.wowwiki.com/
This one is good when you just can't figure out your quest...
[2021 note from Sandra: The link above is a 2009 image of that wowwiki. This is their current home: https://wowpedia.fandom.com/wiki/Wowpedia]

For hunters, petopia.brashendeavors.net/ is great for information on hunter pets.


dancing video (embedded above): www.youtube.com/watch?v=066_q4DIeqk

I really like the WoW Tacoma truck ad. (embedded above)


Epic Raids http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3DHdIMMa9g

Twelve Days of Winter's Veil

We Eat Flesh
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKxwqflR9vo (older video was gone; found another)

Red Snappah (with Bugs Bunny references)

Here's another WoW machinima, done to Weird Al's "Your Horoscope for Today." It came out before the last two expansion packs, so is a bit outdated, but it's still pretty funny.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4TyqYsC26g —Robin


Jobs at Blizzard:

U.S. https://www.blizzard.com/us/jobopp/

In 2021, careers page, on the Blizard site:

Join Blizzard and entertain the universe.

more on Kirby

future home of another chat on WoW

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