Some Notes about how the Unschooling Chatroom Works

The schedule is at and the room itself is at

Participants don't need to register in advance. Without registering, one can still add a name or nickname and will look like SandraGuest12 instead of just Guest12 (or whatever you're assigned as you come in). click the little arrow by your name in the lower right of the screen to find options.

By registering and then signing in, one has the name without "guest-"anything.

There is a password on the room. It's probably goodidea (good idea without a space).

Links turn live without coding--just put in a link. It will open in a different window.

The chat will look similar to what's below, but your own words will be in blue.

BeaMantovani: Hi Pam!
SandraDodd: If you click on a name, it will put it into your message so you can address a particular person.
>> BeaMantovani: like that
socal77: oh, neat trick
SandraDodd: Guest 2, anonymity is fine and you don't have to change a thing, but next to your name there's a triangle that gives you the option to add a name to that if you want to. Those names can be changed from chat to chat, and you never need to have a real log-in account If you want
Pam, another feature is
unless someone else posts
HollyDodd: like this
SandraDodd: all my stuff goes in as though I never quit typing, except for
the carriage returns (as it were a "carriage")
So the good thing is it is easy to edit later, but it has happened that someone will add to what they've written and people don't notice.
It might help to turn the sound on unless "boop" is a really irritating noise for you. Or maybe it's "blip"
PamSoroosh: that is a very very cool feature...