Some Personal Music

Sandra Dodd

A friend asked for "'ain't' songs" and I couldn't find a recording of what I learned when I was little, so I recorded this:

This was made for the page Again, again! It's recitation, not music. 🙂

Something my Papaw Adams (Lynn Adams, in Rotan) used to sing to me when I was little.

More info on that, from kind strangers: "A little man bought him a big bass drum..." (and a backup of the text, at least)

My mom's music box (which my daughter has now). I tried to switch from "...that my mother had" to "that my mother gave me," but I garbled them together; sorry.

Here's where I asked for (and received) info about what it's playing: Music Box mystery

November, 2020, I shared on facebook: "My phone upgraded itself and there's a fun oddity. I wanted to save it before it's back to normal."

(There are some comments there, if FB's still around.)

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