Robbie Reads The Big Book of Unschooling

Hi –
We ordered The Big Book of Unschooling over the weekend, and it arrived today.

My 7 year old discovered the joy of reading to himself (or as he says, “reading in my own brain”) last year, and has had a huge appetite for books of any sort ever since. He was so excited that a book about unschooling had come in the mail, he snatched it right up and started reading (I understand that the book is meant for adults, but we’ve never been the sort of folks to say “no” if he asks “can I read that?”—don’t want to discourage his love of books and information in any way!!) :)

Anyway – thought you might get a kick out of seeing Robbie and “his” book.

And, he adds, “Tell her my favorite part so far is where someone asks what unschooling costs and she says unschooling is priceless—because she’s right—it sure is!”

Anyway, so thank you for sending the book so quickly—and I look forward to taking a turn soon to read some too!

Colleen 🙂

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