Sandra Dodd

I have e-mail this morning from two of the French unschooling writers
who can also read and write English. I'm really glad for their
ability and presence, because they can channel some of what's being
written in English into the radical parenting community in France.

Sylvie has posted on this list in times past, and looks like this:
Sylvie Martin/eliott2@...

Sylvie has written an article on her journey from snobbishly
disallowing TV and taking pride in the fact that her family didn't
watch it, to trying things because of discussions on this list (!)
and describes what she learns all in one place, and elegantly.
I've asked her to translate it into English, and she's working on that.

Here is something from our e-mail exchange yesterday, and she's given
me permission to just post it directly:

-=-When I will have time, I will write a mail for the unschooling
lists, to say how wonderful is our life with unschooling. Our
children are so... I can't find a word to explain... I remember when
I wrote on "Always learning" about tv, and about Tom who will watch
it all the day, with no end if I let him do it.. And some of you told
me "How do you know ? Did you try ?".

-=-Yes, now, we tried, and it's so wonderful, how my children seem to
feel "free"... I'm not judging anymore, I'm not scared anymore ...
It's because of you.. I beggan to trust what you said, you, Sandre,
and lot of women on those lists, I think I felt inside it was "true",
but I could'nt really believe it.. And trusting you made me trusting
my children. A trust I didn't have before, or it was well hidden :-))-=-


She said she's getting grief from some of the other parents there who
don't want to consider that TV limits are unnecessary. They don't
like that she's described that as controlling. (Sounds familiar,

If any of you read French or know people who read French who could
benefit from knowing their site is there, and easy address to
remember is

Once you get in there, the links lead to other links.

Another of the moms writing there is Jeanine Barbé, who wrote (this
morning, and their site address is included in that):
Sandra dear,

I am very confused, I don't remember whether I sent you an email or not,
to tell you that I've translated "moving a puddle" and "balancing in the
middle ground".

I've been talking with Sylvie about... an article on
unschoolingdiscussion...and It just hit in my head!! Did I sent an email
to Sandra?? Did I?? I guess no but I should and had the strong intention
to do so :-)

Sandra, I LOVE your articles!

And also, I am surviving a pc crash lol and lost a lot of emails!!
Anyway, since December, I just can't follow the many yahoolists I used
to read regularly!!

Please receive my apologises and my very best wishes for this year!!
Thank you for you support, and the kind of spicy joy you share through
your articles and email!!!

Gros bisous


No, she hadn't told me; neither had Sylvie, but I discovered them on
my own lately, looking for a URL, and it was a cool surprise!


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Kelli Traaseth

Cool Sandra.

I love this comment--

"the kind of spicy joy you share through
your articles and email!!!"

Nice compliment. :) I have some French friends/connections and that would be a cool compliment.


Relax. Yahoo! Mail virus scanning helps detect nasty viruses!

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