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Conversations with Sandra Dodd

By LisaKK on Saturday, January 15, 2000

Welcome Sandra! We're looking forward to talking with you!

Sandra writes an unschooling column for Home Education Magazine and has been a speaker at Home Education conferences. She's well known for the chats she used to host in the HEM area on America Online. Without a doubt, we will have many wonderful discussions here in Ask Sandra!

Again, Welcome!

At these Wayback-Machine links, if a page says "Archive" up at the top, you can click for older messages in that topic.

Not all of the topics are there, but most seem to be. There were many good ideas shared in those days!

Sometimes an older topic returns to front page because someone posted on it.

Explore! Have fun. 🙂

January 15, 2000 -April 17, 2001

May 20, 2003 - November 5, 2004
May 20, 2003 - April 5, 2005

From Teaching very little maybe nothing, there:

Someone wrote:

The archives here are huge at this point. Surely most possible questions have been discussed at some point, but how boring it would be if every new question was responded to with "go read the archives."
The archives are full of subject-changed chit chat AND gems of gloriously deep conversation. Some people here are really good at finding the best of the older discussions and linking to them. I appreciate that. I rarely can find the good parts, so I started saving them as they came by and putting them on my website. I suppose maybe some people would rather not see links to those collections or articles, but for me it's easier to send someone to the collection of typical days than to tell another day from last week. (Not that I don't tell my days, I still do lots of times.)
I was talking about—about saving the good parts on this website. I was doing that increasingly, by 2005. I still add to the collection.

I think there is value in random finds. 🙂 Have fun if you go into these archives.

April 22, 2005. This was the last collected, before that forum was removed.
April 22, 2005 (and a couple of months before that)

Interesting in that forum, other folders:
What's fair and responsible?"—an interesting philosophical discussion about owning things and saving the planet, from 2003. Continued on this page (the archives can show previous pages, but not "next," usually).

Praise for the original form of that forum

Other Archives: