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<< I tend to think that Papa Bear could be a little
creative, himself. >>

I agree, he needs a jolt of creativity once in a while. I think he hesitates
to initiate any change because I've bit his head off for getting controlling
over bedtimes and such.
He knows how I feel about the kids choosing and that I'm a night owl.
So he tends to try and respect that by leaving well enough alone.
Problem is, things have gotten a bit booooring lately and he isn't the type
to say "let's go out honey" or think of something unusual to do.
Kinda bugs me sometimes, but then he's good at other things so I try to honor



I have been reading all the posts about bedtime, and we worried for
years about why my boys needed to nurse seemingly alllllll night,
when would the 4 year old sleep in his own bed, when will they be
able to fall asleep without us? Well, it has waffled a bit, the 2
older boys spent the last 3 years mostly sharing a room which was
directly off of our master bedroom, while the youngest had a twin
bed next to our king--and went between each. HOWEVER, since we have
moved, and have a typical "split style" home with the master a bit
removed from the other 2 bedrooms, ALL the boys are sleeping in our
room. The 5 year old in our bed, the 8 year old in the adjacent
twin, and the 13 year old was on the floor until I moved in his
queen bed into our room yesterday. --why should he sleep on the
floor when there are so many empty beds in the house? No, we don't
have a lot of romantic nights--haven't quite figured out when/where
when everyone is up until 11, and then we are ALL tired, BUT I do
know that they feel immense love, safety, thankfulness and happiness
all sleeping in our one bedroom.

DH loves it too--minus the lack of alone time, and the bottom
line....it won't last forever--such a shame I think! All the
worrying, thinking about, researching etc was exhausting!--sure wish
someone had just laid it out for me from day 1!--- Just stop and
think about your kids, their needs and how you can meet those
needs! You know, our DNA is wired to NEED to sleep in the safety of
others. Without the safety of other humans sleeping near, your
survival is at risk (wild animals, cold etc). Some things take
100's-1000's of years to leave our hard wiring. And some things
should not be pushed out so fast! I also think the nighttime
togetherness is a silent bonding between all of us. Not to mention,
who would cover them up for the 8th time at night if it were not


Wendy S.

On Mar 4, 2008, at 12:31 PM, ron_monach wrote:

> I also think the nighttime
> togetherness is a silent bonding between all of us.

I *so* agree with this statement. There will be days that are, shall
we say, less than stellar that the shared bed is so healing. I love
sleeping with Shelby. I'll miss it so much when she doesn't want that
anymore. :-(

Wendy S. in GA
Mom to Shelby, Age 9

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