Sandra Dodd

The Just Add Light and Stir blog, because of an update, became slightly unstable in the area of photos. About the same time, photobucket became a little shaky, and more expensive.

I have been gradually and sort of randomly (as they come up naturally) updating each post by uploading the image directly instead of using the link to photobucket. In the future, if some posts don’t have images, it will be because I didn’t live long enough to clean it all up, maybe. I put this here for future historians, or those who will be helping other unschoolers.

There’s a benefit, though. To mark (for my own benefit) those I’ve updated, I label the post with something about the photo itself. When I’ve used the same post with the same photo (which has happened a few dozen times out of 2800+ posts) I mark the second use “re-run.” The re-run label lets me know that photo is labelled elsewhere. But for readers, clicking “re-run” in the label cloud, or at the bottom of a post, will lead to other posts that were good enough to use as a repeat (when I didn’t have something new, or was ill, or rushed).

Here are some samples of sets of images. None of these is complete and might never be, but I noticed there were images I liked so much, and other photographers like too, that they were repeated. Paths. Bridges. Reflections. Frames (an image framed within the image, but a window, doorway, hole in a rusting ship… something). There will be more of those, in those sets, as more come along and are labelled.

Here are the currently-labelled paths. Some are also frames, and one is also a bridge. :-)


It’s another sort of randomizer, really, but also will help you find soothing images, or fun exciting carnival rides, or carousel images.

I have “woods,” but now I don’t know what to do with desert photos. “Landscape” doesn’t work because some are close up, sort of. I started with “beach,” but ran into some lakesides and rivers, so changed it to “water.”

Have fun with that, and (really) I think you’ll be more soothed and happy if you use the web version. It’s not very nice, on a phone.