Sandra Dodd

There might be other things that come up but part of my schedule is outlined here:

The parts that affect people here are:
I’m speaking in Pheonix at the end of August/beginning of September:

I will be soliciting donations from July 24 (10th Learn Nothing Day) until September 2 (7th anniversary of Just Add Light and Stir).

Then I won’t ask again until 2020.
I didn’t ask in 2016.

I have been gathering up more Learn Nothing Day art this year because a tenth anniversary is a big deal. After this one, the next big-deal Learn Nothing Day will be in ten years, and then fifteen years. If I’m still around, I’ll make a bigger deal on those years, too.

I will be 64 this year, on my birthday. When I married Keith, the recessional music (led by my sister and some other musician-friends) was “When I’m Sixty-Four,” by the Beatles. We had the reception line set up in the back, and the attendees weren’t leaving their chairs, because they were all singing along. Keith won’t be 64 for another three years, but I’m there now.

I’m sliding slowly into (for me) retirement. I’m going to keep doing things until I stop. :-)
More on that is here, from November 2016:

I hope this group will survive a few more years! Thanks for the posts, all of you who do read and post. I appreciate it.



I wanted to say that not a day goes by in my marriage or family life that I don't think of you, or multiple things I learned through you. I am so glad I found your site and began radically unschooling. Thank you, a million times over, for the ripple effect you've made in our world. I understand that you've done plenty, and I am grateful, although I selfishly hope you're able and willing to keep helping others generously and  as long as possible!

The world (at least my world) is profoundly kinder, gentler, more loving and peaceful because of your efforts.

We are blessed to have received so much free and enlightened guidance here, coupled with your reassuring experience, which helped us to maintain our goals in spite of the naysayers- and until we ourselves grew confident at this new way of living. Thanks for that bridge, as it were, to get us over to this happy, joyful place.