Sandra Dodd

Pam Sorooshian sent this to me. :-)

It’s a mainstream article about how some parents are being shamed by childless friends, or older people or random strangers, for letting their kids watch TV or play with “screens.”

I smiled through it. I was amused. :-)

And there will be things there in the defense that are still kind of cowardly and tentative by unschooling standards. :-)

I think the “paper time” and “cloth time” arguments could be good, for someone with the confidence enough to present them. Or Joyce’s “Door stuff” example.

Also, this week, someone showed me a cartoon and said it seemed plagiarism, but I think the term “paper time” can / will / must arise spontaneously in LOTS of people who see the tacky irony of lumping all “screentime” together while taking pride in writing paper checks and reading paper magazines and having a library card.

For anyone new here, there are many happy things on my site about the avoidance of the use (or thought) “screentime”: