Sandra Dodd

There have been Learn Nothing Days before, but this year will special.

In one month, it will be the Tenth Learn Nothing Day. That’s a lotta not learning. Or it would be, you know, if…

Anyway, you can poke around here to see art and stories from other times, and you can subscribe, if you want. It’s a pretty quiet blog except around this time.

If you see a post in there you like, feel free to respond to this with a link or a story or a comment. It might be best not to start a bunch of new topics about it. There’s a randomizer there, and a coloring page you could (if you want) color and send back for sharing. Click the blank and it will open in a new window. From my Mac, if I tell it to print and then change to landscape, it fills up a full sheet (8.5x11 or A4). But you could color it electronically, too, if you have the combination of skill and app/program, maybe.

Anyone who wants to do some Learn Nothing Day art for fun, I have a blog to host it on!

My e-mail is Sandra@... .