Sandra Dodd

There is a site called where people offer services.

I’ve used it quite a bit over the years, and I just saw a new section there. People offering to help with video games, or play with people, or record a session, or provide “cheats” (codes, tricks, useful glitches), starting at $5 or $10.

For a family with NO gaming experience and a gaming kid, this could be helpful, especially if the parents hang out and listen, take notes, or maybe play themselves and then help the kid.

I’ve used fiverr mostly for Learn Nothing Day art, but there was an offer to write something on a banana and then go and feed it to monkeys. I ordered two of those. :-) Those folks aren’t living where they were anymore (Vietnam is where the monkeys were), but there have been other things.

My orders have been images and video, but there are reviews there you can read, on personal-interaction things. If you look at a gig by one person, you might be able to click the person’s fiverr ID/name and see other offers by that person, with other reviews.


Sandra Dodd

About Fiverr, not about video games: (Devyn’s birthday banana) (a thank-you to Janine & family, after they let Holly stay with them on short notice)

Here you can see some others I’ve bought for $5 or $10, for Learn Nothing Day. I love “coconut" the best.

There are other peeks into my house and life, or things I saw. Nothing very profound unless you want to see how a birds nest turned an umbrella, and how to shell boiled eggs (rather than peeling them):