Sandra Dodd

Last reminder, for those in the UK who might not have known. IF you’re not a beginning unschooler, you might want to come to this event. I’ll speak for most of the day. You can meet or hear or observe some other voices you might know from my site or from Amy Childs’ podcasts:
Jule Daniel
Janine Davies
Rippy Dusseldorp
Marta Pires (Marta Venturini Machado)

I have information about and by all of them on my website, if you want to go and search them out, or if you can’t be at this event and wonder why I care enough about them to collect their cast-off writings and ideas. :-) or

Those who attended my unschooling chats (text chats online) might like to meet Parvine Shahid and Serah Daya.

Here is the first paragraph of much-more information at the link below.

Sandra Dodd will be speaking at a one day event on Sunday 18th September from 9.30am to 5.30pm, followed by free pizza, and more informal chat until 6.30pm. The venue is in Long Ditton (near Surbiton & Kingston Upon Thames). There is free car parking on site and in the surrounding streets, and it is a 20 minute walk (or a short bus or taxi ride) to the nearest train station at Surbiton.

I wouldn’t remind people again, but every time (every single time) I speak far from home, one or two people contact me later to say they didn’t know about it. Reminding people on UK discussions might not be a bad idea, but again, it’s for experienced unschoolers.

In another post I will mention my last remaining speaking engagement.