Joyce Fetteroll

Everyone who requests to join this list gets a "Please Respond -- The Always Learning list is different" email before I approve their request. About half respond. Of those that don't, I work on the assumption that the emails end up in Spam and just let them through after 10 days.

I just let a couple of pending members through that mentioned they were homeschoolers not unschoolers. I'm posting this to the list so that EVERYONE gets a chance to read it. :-)


The Always Learning list is DIFFERENT! Please read.

Unlike most unschooling lists where the focus is support and community, the Always Learning list digs into the inner workings of parenting practices. The list discussion focuses on what helps and hinders learning and relationships.

Everyone who posts -- whether a question or a reply -- should want to see their ideas analyzed under an unschooling light.

The list thrives on unschooling questions and discussion! :-) But it's also perfectly okay to sit back and follow the discussion. (All new members are encouraged to do just that for awhile to get a feel for the list.)

Many find the analysis helps them clear out hidden baggage, think more clearly and become the radical unschooling parents they want to be. Some find it uncomfortable.

If you’re new to the idea of radical unschooling, there is some great information at Especially helpful is Pam Laricchia's introductory email series that's linked there.


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