Sandra Dodd

There are chats on Thursdays—evenings in Europe, mid-day in the north America, ungodyly too-early in Australia.
Noon at my house (Mountain time in New Mexico), for two hours, there’s a sort of text-chat-room workshop.

This week is #2 in a series of 9 about multiple intelligences.

Musical Intelligence, May 12
This week's chat is part two in the set of Howard Gardner's multiple intelligences theory. Musical Intelligence! How can unschooling parents nourish and expand their children's lives to include opportunities for them to explore and exercise that part of them?

What is it like, this "musical intelligence"? What does it connect to?

The rest of the series is:

May 5 Visual/spatial intelligence (transcript is still in the chatroom, or will be at after May 10)
May 12 Musical intelligence
May 19 Verbal/linguistic intelligence
May 26 Logical/mathematical intelligence
June 2 Interpersonal intelligence
June 9 Intrapersonal intelligence
June 16 Bodily/kinesthetic intelligence

June 23 Naturalistic (added as #8)

June 30 Existential / spiritual (in consideration—not fully accepted)

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Transcripts of older chats are scattered around my site and this transcripts blog (and some just still on my computer). Many are linked, but not all. Still working on gathering them up. There have been years when there were two a week, and seasons when there were none. The oldest are from 1995.

There are usually ten or twelve people there, but it’s more fun with more.