Sandra Dodd

This TED talk was left on my fadebook page by Megan Valnes. It has LOTS of things we’ve discussed, about unschooling, over very many years. It will help you understand why some homeschoolers really want to use a curriculum, and some are able to frolic in exploration without knowing where it will lead.

It seems, at first, to be about American politics, but it really isn’t. Please keep watching (if you choose to watch it), because it will be information that will help you forevermore. :-)

The more people who have seen it, the easier discussions here will be, too. It might help some people understand why unschooling seems too crazy to them, and give them ideas for other options. It might help those who are food-focussed to see why they’re doing that, too.

It’s not a new TED talk, but it’s a very good one, and talks about child development, too. There will be something you’ll like (or you might like all of it).

Jonathan Haidt: The moral roots of liberals and conservatives

I go to Applebee’s sometimes (just sayin’). :-)

"Psychologist Jonathan Haidt studies the five moral values that form the basis of our political choices, whether we're left, right or center. In this eye-opening talk, he pinpoints the moral values that liberals and conservatives tend to honor most.”

“The Moral Mind”—Inateness (what are babies born with?)

Five foundations of morality (among human cultures and other mammals)

1: Harm / care
2: Fairness / reciprocity
3: Ingroup / loyalty
4: Authority / respect
5: Purity / sanctity

I think it can help to look at what is natural in humans, how culture and genetics affect what people believe and are willing to do.

Having those ideas in you as you consider everything in your life will probably make you calmer and smarter. :-) It will help with clarity, over the years, I think. Even if it helps a family decide not to unschool.