Sandra Dodd

Dear Always Learning members:

I had been planning to announce chats here anyway but now it become important. :-)

Thursdays (for a while, for now) at noon at my house in New Mexico. This time is no good in India or most of Australia; sorry. In Europe, it’s 7:00 or 8:00 at night. 11:00 a.m. Pacific time.

February 4 the topic is teens (more notes and links if you click below).
February 11, abundance/finances.

These chats are text-based in a chatroom for two hours. Computers with keyboards are best, because people can see what they’re doing, and edit, and read back up to what they’ve missed. People who are really great with a tablet or a phone might be able to manage.

Not everyone loves the speed and confusion of a live text chat.

I know some people like Always Learning beause of having time to really think. I do, too.

Some prefer to listen, or watch videos; some prefer to read on their own; some like Just Add Light or other such things by e-mail. Some love facebook. All of those are available. :-)

And don’t forget the search page. The top is my site, the bottom is,,, Just Add Light and Stir, and Thinking Sticks: Playing with Ideas



This has information and a link to.... the same information.  You don't need the link unless you want to go to the chatnotes announcement blog and subscribe to notifications.  

I'm announcing it here mostly because the subscription list somehow disappeared, and I wanted to let people know, and recruit some high-quality new people to the chat.  So I didn't announce it on facebook.  Don't tell all your friends—just the calm ones who really care about unschooling and can handle zippy-fast input.
The subscriptions and mail-out are working again. But the bad news is, that I trashed the old mailing list and created a new one. So you might need to re-subscribe, at the right, on the blog (or at the drop-down menu, if you're not on a proper computer).

Next three chats:
February 18 Peaceful Parenting
February 25 Who can Unschool?
March 3 Uses of "the media"