Sandra Dodd

This was posted in the facebook group (Radical Unschooling Info) by someone from and about Always Learning. It’s nice, but I’m sorry we didn’t get the post because of it. :-)


I was writing a question to the AL list last night and simply in being careful about my words, and thinking about what I was writing, I was able to calm down and see things differently and hold off on sending it until I was more clear. It's pretty amazing when group expectations about communication lead one to finding comfort and guidance simply in being thoughtful in the asking!


For years people said “I thought of saying [this and that], but I knew you / Joyce / Pam / Schuyler would say it if I just waited a whileh.

Some people who used to post a lot don’t post so much anymore. I’m grateful for the days they did!!

But in more recent years, I’ve heard more of “I thought about it, and thought of what you would say, and then I didn’t need to post,” or “When I was trying to figure out exactly how to word it, I realized what people would probably say, so I didn’t post it.”

That could kill this discussion! :-)
(But on the other hand, if this discussion isn’t needed, that’s cool!)

Here’s something about this discussion from a few years ago. It’s seriously profound, and inspiring. :-)
I think I’ll add the quote above to it, if the author doesn’t mind.