Sandra Dodd

-=-I can't think of anything that has changed me for the better quite as much as your writing and the other Moms who write for your websites. -=-

This note came in with a site donation, and I need to share it with the other moms who write here.

Yesterday I turned back a couple of posts, and I think the author has left, which is probably best for her. Her advice involved no TV, LOTS of chores, lots of Gospel teaching and prayer (fine if you like that sort of thing, but NOT a requirement of unschooling), and reading literary matriarchs (and then named two books written by men, and one writen by a childless 19th century female author). Specifically, she had recommended against taking the advice of other moms. And the cherry on top of it was to let kids go outside and not intervene in squabbles unless an action would risk one’s eternal soul, or seriously wound someone.

Minor wounds, in life, can build up, and up, until the person doesn’t mind hurting others (or maybe has an urge). I wanted to report, from the gate, that some bad advice was kept back. Anyone wanting harsher advice about limiting and punishing children can find it easily—touch any magazine, or do a web search for parenting. Horrible advice abounds.

I’m VERY happy when a reader here begins to answer questions clearly and thoughtfully. I’m happier when that happens than I am when a family decides to unschool. Sometimes those decisions are short-lived, but clarity and the ability and willingness to share it with others can have far-reaching benefits to the writer and the readers, and their children and other friends and relatives.

Thank you all for keeping this discussion alive, and occasionally lively. :-)