Sandra Dodd

New Unschooling resource! Clare Kirkpatrick has set up a site called Unschooling Moments. It's subtitled "Glimpes of Joy, Connection and Learning in Radical Unschooling Families." There are some there to read already and a random-page function (for when there are many more).

I really like this project, and am a little sad that my kids are all too old to report on in this way now. :-)

If you have a photo with a small caption, or a longer story (up to 500 words) with a photo (or several), there is a contact form. Clare will e-mail you to get photos.
It's easy to subsribe by mail, there.

I hope lots of you will send stories as they come up! Even if you have your own blog or outlet, maybe if there’s something you know would help other families, you might send it to clare, too.

This should be helpful for reassurance, idea-getting, and for showing people who wonder how unschooling works.