This is a brag post!

My 9 year old daughter Gigi fell in love with the Warrior ( Erin Hunter) series last year and has read  all the books, many several times. She has also read tons of fan fiction and has done a lot of role play online on Instagram with other series fans.

She has now started to write her first short story a couple days ago. This is her first little draft. She was gone all day Saturday pretty much and wrote a bit yesterday. 

Sorry it is all in one block. I will help her when she is done. I do not want to interfere right now and make it about the format , grammar or punctuation. It is about the story she is wants to tell. ( I did break into two paragraphs to make it easier to be read here!)


a short story

Lotus watched snow fall down the tight tree hollow, there was something about the way her paws stung  with cold "I won't make it out this time...' Lotus shivered, her blueish-sliver fur turning to white. "What's that?" a strange voice sounded out, a gray tabby cat poking into the hollow. "Hazeblossom!" the gray tabby shouted "Yes? oh a kit?" a creamy siamese nose poked into the hollow, sharp teeth grabbing her scruff, a squeak was heard, paws white with frost, nose pale as snow. "You're coming with us." snow fell clearly on the siamese's pelt, her rich creamy points longer than her other fur, pawsteps pounded against the moor. the cat running, creamy paws thumping in time with the gray paws, throwing up snow in their wake, tails swishing, sliver fur dangling. shadows danced ahead, a black figure throwing it's head towards the three cats, his paws seemly flying over the snow.

"Hazeblossom... Streamshard.. Who is this kit? Who would be so insane to leave a kit like this...." The sleek black tom with a lighter underbelly and lean long legs. His yellow-orange gaze stared into Streamshard's eyes, then Hazeblossom. "I scented a kit-scent, I decided to check it out, and then a sliver pelt." The sliver tabby flicked her tail, licking her pregnant belly. "So some queen just left a kit out in this cold?" The black tom's voice grew louder with rage, yellow-orange eyes growing colder. all four cats were unaware that a long-furred stone-gray she-cat watched them, tears slipping down her cheeks, then the ground. her sleekly groomed fur becoming ruffled. Paws seemed to shuffle on leaves. "Who was that...?" Hazeblossom mewed, the wind ruffling their pelts, the stone-gray she-cat was unaware that her tail was poking out
Alex Polikowsky