Sandra Dodd

Even if it's just internal, it can help to remember that someone (maybe a stranger, maybe a friend or relative) did or said something one time that caused you to change directions, with your parenting or with your educational philosophy. I asked the other day on Just Add Light and Stir, and as part of a longer response (you can read it at the link below in the comments, or at the link within the post) was this, about magic.

I wasn't fishing for personal thanks, at all, and this is shared with other voices on my site:

it was Sandra Dodd and Company who really got the ball rolling with regards to unschooling. Once I discovered her work, I read everything of hers I could find, and then I re-read it, slowly and over time, while trying a little...and then a little more, and then more...and then waited for the magic to work. And work it did!

Thanks to everyone who writes things others can use to find magic in their own lives.