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I had no idea minecraft is so different from the kindle to the computer. I do have Skype on our one computer, so I will get someone to switch the camera over. He plays on a laptop that's on a docking station full-time (only because it came to us this way and may just need a battery) which has a larger screen and a separate keyboard.
Is a momentary account expensive?
Can anyone explain how you find a server for kids to me? I understand signing up for an account, like on cartoon network, for example. And that Levi 's aunt in another state can create an account, become friends on cartoon network, then she can see and play the adventure time games he created. We obviously know her, and chose her because we know it's her.
But it's playing online with strangers that I don't understand and have safety concerns about. Maybe I don't really understand what a server is exactly. Or what is "building a server".
He is very excited about this new concept and prospect of play.
He's beginning to read, although he doesn't recognize as such very often. He thinks it's not actually reading if he knows the word by context clues, although I explained that is a real part of the skill.
You all are helping me and giving me New hope and confidence to expand our horizon right now. I am deeply appreciative.

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"Does he read? If he gets a pc account he can join servers and find kids to play with."

No need to be able to read either, when you have Skype :)

PC minecraft is so, so much more than pocket mc. It's building with friends, surviving with friends, playing mini games with friends. It's hugely social. My daughter has lots of friends all over the world that she meets up with to play in various different ways. They're currently working together to build a server of their own with its own mini games. She's doing programming and team leading and planning and so much more than you would imagine if you only had pocket mc as your reference point. 


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